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Baby Granny No. 2

Hello all! I promised you crochet this time so here we are.


Just as with the Little Man, I made 2 new blankets prior to the arrival of the Little Lady. I had always intended to create another baby granny like the one that I shared here. So, with the arrival of my baby imminent, I reread that post and set to work as instructed – whip up 6 squares in each of your 6 colours and border with cream. Excellent.


Although we did not know what the gender of our child was to be I was inspired by the autumnal colours around me so went for seasonal browns, yellows and pinks and got started. 36 completed squares later I decided that there’s no point in reinventing the wheel and began to copy the original colour placement. It did not take me long to realise that my previous post was wrong. The first blanket did not contain 6 shades of blue/green but 7. Whoops. I blame baby brain. I will revisit that post and amend the details! Never mind, onwards and upwards.

However I was not going to start crocheting more squares at this point. So Baby Granny 2 really does only contain 6 colours and cream but I do not believe that it is any the poorer for it!


Ahh, my two blankets for my two little munchkins. As you can see, there is a slight disparity in size despite being the same yarn on the same hook. This is simply because, as the years have gone by, my crochet has become more relaxed and even giving it a softer texture and resulting is a slightly looser weave.


(Excuse the clutter but this one’s just so darn cute!) There is an extra special reason why this granny means so much to me. It was the day before my due date and I was desperate to both finish hooking and have the baby! By lunchtime the blanket was done. A few hours later I went into labour and out she popped on her due date, clever girl. She’d just been waiting for mommy to finish before she arrived.


Blanket Stats:

Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK

Hook: 5 mm (H)

1132 : Shrimp
1114 : Sunshine
1064 : Mocha
1035 : Burgundy
1123 : Claret
1029 : Copper
1005 : Cream

Pattern: 4 round Granny Square then Bunny Mummy’s ‘chain round a granny‘ before the final round

Size: 90 x 90 cm (36 squares)

Edging: Double V Edging




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Hex Machine

Aw, just look at him, isn’t he gorgeous?! (Slightly bias, I know). Thought I’d put a little toothy smile up to greet you all.

I hope you’ve all had a marvellous weekend. The Little Man and I had a wonderful time visiting lovely friends. Good company, good food, good times had by all.

It’s so lovely to be here even if my blogging has been a little sporadic over the last few weeks. I have to admit that I haven’t quite been in the right head space as we’ve had a rather dramatic sleep relapse due to teething and a cold. Poor Little Man. We had just managed to encourage him to sleep through and we had enjoyed more than a fortnight of blissful, uninterrupted sleep before it all went topsy-turvy. Ah well, we’ll get back into good habits when he’s all well again and he finally has top teeth!

However, that is not the only reason for my lack of blogging action over the last week or so. At the end of October I made a resolution to pick up a bit of speed with my Patchwork Granny Blanket CAL and, indeed, I am pleased to announce that I have been true to my word.

After speeding ahead creating a large pile of hexagons still attached to the yarn, I took advantage of an extra long nap time to make a colour plan.

I am far too uptight to work randomly – it would draw my eye to have a colour twice in the same row/column or to have the same pattern repeated. No, no. Planned disorder in my blankets, thank you very much.

Balls of Stylecraft were spread merrily across the carpet before quickly being bundled away before the Little Man could get his chubby little mitts on them!

Then came the fun part. In spare minutes I grabbed the blanket and completed the last five sides of a hexagon.

Day by day, night by night it grew and grew. So exciting!

This is where it is at now:

I am totally in love with this blanket in all its crazy, multicoloured glory. I spend many an hour gazing at it, choosing my favourite flower. It changes daily with my mood.

I haven’t really made much progress over the last week as I have been experimenting with another little project but there’s no rush! Hope to have something to show about that soon.

What’re you hooking up at the moment? xxxx


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Today is an exciting day. Two years ago to the day my darling hubby and I were wed and what a two years it has been! I never expected that we would be spending our second wedding anniversary sitting in our own lovely home whilst our gorgeous little man sleeps upstairs. So many happy memories of this special day and so many more happy memories have been created over the last 24 months.

I have loved looking through the photos to choose which ones to put on here. Maybe I shall share some more sometime. Would you like to see some more snaps from our wedding album?

Anyway, moving on. The weather man must have been listening yesterday as the grey finally broke up and we had a really beautiful day weatherwise. The morning was bright and sunny but, by early afternoon, the clouds had set in and were making amazing patterns over the blue.

What is more, the sun soon reappeared low in the sky, illuminating the clouds.

Just beautiful!

Now, I promised you some hooky talk today. This was the Hexighan last time I shared it with you here:

and this is how it looks now:

Not exactly stellar progress you may say, and you would be correct. But there is more to the story than meets the eye! Now, you may remember that this blanket is part of a Patchwork Granny CAL but I was somewhat slipping behind. However, I got up a wake up call after watching the lovely Fiona over at Knit Knat Knot quickly complete her adorable Cath Kidston inspired afghan by taking part in a ‘One a Day’ challenge (check out the finished item here). Hmm, I thought, I can do that. One little hexagon each day? Easy!

So, ‘Where are they?’ I hear you cry! See that squishy bag at the back of the picture? That is choc full of four round hexagons waiting to be attached to the blanket.

You see, what takes the time is not the creation of the hexagons but the colour planning. I can sit and hook whilst chattering to the little man but I cannot concentrate on balancing colours whilst ensuring that he is safe and happy. So I now have a bag of hooky shapes waiting to be joined together. All I need is an hour in daylight to create my plan of attack and photograph it so that I can blitz the joining. Hubby is working long days this week so this will have to wait til Friday. However, I hope to make real progress in the next week and have a sizable blanket to show you next week. That’s the plan anyway!

Why this must wait until hubby is around became apparent within minutes of taking the above photo:

As I have told you before, little man does love yarn and he decided to join in the party. My poor blanket was treated quite roughly.

Hexagons were unravelled:

Yarn was snatched…


and generally smooshed:


Yes, blanket planning is going to be a mommy only job! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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My oh my it is chilly around here at the moment. There have been plenty of evenings spent snuggling under my Ripple Blanket for warmth whilst working on my hexagons.

My mother bought us a pack of lebkuchen, our first of the year. I do love these biscuits. They just scream cosiness – some sweet and spicy warmth to see you through the Winter months. They remind me of childhood as I remember eating them at our friends house when we were younger. We used to visit them every Sunday after Church and their mom would always bring out some sort of biscuits or chocolates to feed us all. Sometimes homemade buns or Welsh cakes, other times packets of Wagon Wheels, Tea Cakes or, around Christmas, lebkuchen or mince pies.

My mother does not understand snacking – she is the sort of person who would take out a box of chocolates and just eat one. We rarely ate between meals and never had more than one or two biscuits. Here though we were allowed to have two, three or even four biscuits. Oh the excitement! However I am grateful to my mom for teaching me some restraint. Although I could never eat just one teeny chocolate, I can stop at two or three so that a box lasts for a week, not just a day.

I really should try to make my own lebkuchen for Christmas this year. I’ve never tries before. Does anybody know of a good recipe?

I do enjoy a slice of something sweet and tasty with my afternoon cuppa though and this week it has been this rather attractive carrot cake. I will be returning to this cake soon as there is a story behind it so, if you fancy having a nibble yourself, fear not, I shall post the recipe soon (made it up myself, I did!).

Thank you so much for indulging my last post. I am pleased to announce that I have managed to quieten my mind and am feeling full of beans, hence the title of this post. I sound quite hysterical, up and down like a yo-yo. I am not unbalanced, honestly, just a little enthusiastic sometimes. I like to indulge in the feeling of the moment!

It’s been pretty busy around here and I have a lot of pictures to share so hopefully you should be hearing a lot from Rosy Hill this week! I have a crochet update, a day trip, cakey news and, most exciting, a Halloween party to tell you all about.

This last event required a costume. After quite a lot of dithering I decided on an outfit which necessitated a pom-pom.

More specifically, a red pom-pom. Can you guess who I went as?!

I haven’t made one of these for years and, I have to say, I really enjoyed it! Very soothing. So much so that I got a bit carried away and the quality of the final result somewhat exceeded the what was required – that is one substantial pom-pom! Over 1/3 of a ball of Stylecraft DK in Matador (1010).

I have really enjoyed talking to you today – my blogging voice has returned and I have found myself able to waffle on with ease. So much to show you, I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Ta ta for now! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

p.s. I had to create a new category to file this post under – Waffle. Is that bad do you think?!


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Ripple Reveal

Hello! I have been so excited about this. It seems like a long time coming. My first big ‘reveal’ on Rosyhill. I have shown you my two baby blankets (here and here) but they were made ages ago. This is an adult sized blanket that I have completed whilst actively blogging. Writing this post has been remarkably difficult! It has taken quite a few hours to organise my ideas and pictures and translate them into a coherant form.  ‘Erm, yes…ripple – finished, yay, so pretty!’.  Doesn’t really work, does it?! So, forgive me any awkwardness. This blogging-lark’s still pretty new and there are times when I find it hard to access my ‘writing voice’. I shall just let the ripples do the talking!

I started this blanket last Summer, 6 months after learning to crochet. I was quite dubious about how I would get on – maybe I’d get bored? The yarn choice was easy. I didn’t have much money and even less idea about yarn so what to do? Go to someone who knows better, of course! Hey presto, a Lucy Pack of Stylecraft dk was soon winging its way to me.

My first decision was about the pattern and overall plan for the blanket. Obviously I was using Lucy’s (Attic 24) ‘Neat Ripple’ but how many rows in each colour? I knew that I did not want to make all of the ripples 2 rows wide but also thought that totally random was somewhat beyond me. I therefore decided on a repeat – ‘1, 2, 3, 2, 1’. The 4 deepest colours used for the single row ripples also appear in the border; 10 other colours made the main body of the blanket.

I am far too uptight to just pick a colour out of the bag. I like to plan my projects so my living room was constantly strewn with balls of yarn mapping out the next section. It took a surprisingly long time (and the acquisition of a phone that does more than just call) to come up with the novel idea of photographing these designs so I could then give hubby a break and tidy up our living space.

Oooo, leopard print booties and spotty, fleece pyjama bottoms. Don’t say I don’t know how to dress to impress. 

This project has been a delight to work on. So soothing, so rhythmic, so satisfying. Ripple, ripple, ripple row after row was added.

Apart from dabbling with some cotton for smaller projects, I have always used acrylic yarn so am not very well placed to make comparisons on how it works/feels compared to wool. I have, however, built up a bizarre stash of all kinds of acrylic and I can certainly feel the quality of Stylecraft when measured against similar yarns. It arrives in delightfully squishy 100g bundles that I just want to bury my face in and the colours are wonderful. I have since built up quite a sizable collection, which I shall have to share with you sometime. It works well, slides comfortably over the hook and does not split easily. Oh, and it is Bargainous!

As the blanket grew I had a desperate desire to straighten the bottom edge. Straightening a ripple at the top is relatively straightforward. Working out of a foundation chain, it transpires, is not so easy. Essentially I just bodged it until I felt it looked right and, I have to say, I am pretty pleased with the results.

Then came that happy day when the final row was done. 135 rows, 67 ripples of delightful rainbow woolliness (yes that is a word). I couldn’t believe that it was done, that I could sit on a sofa and snuggle under it from head to toes. Squeal!

Lovely as it was it was not quite ‘complete’ yet. There was something missing. My blanket needed an edge. (Really should have photographed it at this point but you get the idea of my borderless blanket above). I could have added some rows of treble crochet, which would have finished it off nicely, but I wanted something different. I had bought this rather wonderful book after seeing it floating about the blogosphere and have since spent many a happy evening thumbing through, quizzing my long-suffering husband on which one would suit best. We I eventually chose pattern 88, 4 rows worked in ‘leaning tower stitch’, a rather pleasing variant on granny trebles (and it has a marvellous name!). Incidentally, Eckman’s book is so full of delightfully tempting crochet borders I just want to create things to edge them. May have to make some coasters just for fun!

I did change the final row, replacing the last row of leaning towers with one lot of UK htc (US hdc) and one of UK dc (US sc) to finish it off neatly. This also happily matched the purple htc and dc row that began the border. Very tidy!

So, there’s only one thing left to do…


It reminds me of Aladdin’s magic carpet! I want to jump on and fly away!

Hehe, there’s me, hiding behind it! You can see how it will be a good, snuggly size for Winter. I shall leave you to imagine hubby’s face when I announced that we were going to the park to photograph the ripple! Incredulous is the word, I think.

I cannot believe how difficult it was to snap the finished product. It was far too big to lay out in my living room and, even outside, it was a nightmare trying to get it to lay flat and straight. However it was great fun to whirl about the park, wrapping it around me, ignoring the stares from passers-by. Fun fun!

In all its glory then: Here it is, neat and tidy, folded in a pile…

… and all soft and squishy lying in a heap.

Yes, I have to say that I LOVE this blanket. It is bright and colourful and soft and warm and I look forward to snuggling under it when it’s frosty outside.

*happy sigh*

Looking forward to my next project now! Hopefully a trip away this weekend may give me time to really work on it before revealing my master plan next week! 🙂

Blanket Stats:

Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK

1422 : aspen 
1390 : clematis  
1034 : sherbet 
1081 : saffron 
1084 : magenta
1316 : spring green 
1132 : shrimp  
1065 : meadow
1019 : cloud blue
1241 : fondant
1061 : plum
1003 : aster
1246 : lipstick  
1068 : turquoise

Hook: 4mm (G)

Pattern: Attic 24 Neat Ripple Pattern

Size: 150 x 90 cm – 135 rows, 67 ripples 

Edging: Around the Corner Crochet Borders by Edie Eckman, #88


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Elmer Blanket

As someone who finds great pleasure and satisfaction in hooking a variety of yarns into pretty, colourful shapes a baby means one thing – baby blankets! (By the way, apologies for the wrinkled bedding. I do not iron, especially not sheets!)

After an initial dabble into oh-so-cute crochet bootie production I quickly realised that I was not interested in creating baby clothing. For those of you who may be, this pattern came from a rather delightful book called ‘Cute & Easy Crochet’ by Nicki Trench. It is a gorgeous book full of wonderful hooky products, although I admit I spend more time gazing at the scrumminess within than actually creating the products.  Adorable as this bootie is, it still does not have a pair. I just spent the rest of my pregnancy staring at it and exclaiming ‘awwwww’!

It was definitely blankets that I was interested in. I had a yearning to wrap my little one in soft, colourful drapes that I had created myself. Work, Ofsted and pregnancy lethargy did not leave time for mass production but the arrival of maternity leave gave me the opportunity to put ideas into action.

The lovely Heather of Little Tin Bird was in the middle of one of her baby blanket phases, whipping up a trio of woolly delights for her friends who were expecting. Unfortunately I cannot compete with her incredible hooking speed so I had to choose one design to attempt. As soon as I saw it I fell in love with her gorgeous Elmer blanket. Afterall, what better inspiration for people who love colour than Elmer?

This blanket is made up of solid granny squares crocheted together at the end (Heather has written a wonderful tutorial here if you fancy whipping up some colourful blocks yourself). The dense nature of these blocks has proved to be useful as it helps prevent busy little fingers and toes getting caught.

Having collected quite a healthy stash of Stylecraft Special DK, I chose 12 colours and created 6 blocks of each. As each square is a single colour, this blanket is relatively quick and easy with minimal colour changing and weaving in of ends. Perfect!

Once a pile of rainbow coloured squares had accumulated I laid them out, trying to spread the colours evenly, and photographed the final design for reference. 

I have never crocheted blocks together before but found the process of whizzing along the edges very theraputic. Lucy of Attic 24 has a superb tutorial for Joining Granny Squares, clear and concise as always, which made the process simple and stress free. I chose to copy Heather’s idea of using the bright red to join. This is mainly visible from the back but I love the way the vibrant colour peeks through at the corners.

I think that this blanket’s overall charm is its simplicity. The blocks of unfussy, solid colour are so effective that I did not want the border to detract from this so I chose to keep the edging simple with a row of  UK treble crochet followed by a row of double crochet. Unfortunately, I misjudged the number of stitches needed and inexperience meant that I did not spot the problem until I had almost finished the second row. Bowing to pressure from others I left it as it was but it still niggles everytime I look at those crinkly edges. Ah well, live and learn!

However, when I just look at the colours it makes me smile. And of course, most importantly, the blanket being put to good use.

This was my first completed crochet blanket and I admit, I LOVE it! So let’s indulge in a bit more blanket loving. It looks good with spots…

…and stripes.

The baby I made snuggling into the blanket I made. Awww!

Blanket Stats:

Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK

1065 : meadow 
1316 : spring green 
1003 : aster 
1019 : cloud blue 
1068 : turquoise 
1188 : lavender 
1034 : sherbert 
1061 : plum 
1390 : clematis  
1132 : shrimp  
1246 : lipstick 
1081 : saffron 
1020 : lemon  
1246 : lipstick (border)

Hook: 4mm (G)

Pattern: Little Tin Bird’s Solid Granny/Elmer Squares

Size: 90 x 60 cm (12 x 8 squares)

Edging: UK tr, UK dc


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