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New Arrivals

Tree Skeleton Well hello there my lovelies, how long it has been! It has been the usual story of life snow balling and something has to give. I do apologise and can assure you that I have missed you all so much. And now I return to share the exciting news of a new arrival at Rosy Hill – the Little Man is now a proud big brother to our lovely Little Lady. image These last few months have been a magical journey as our family of 3 has expanded to include this precious new bundle. The Little Man has been amazing and has taken everything in his stride showering his sister with love and affection and always including her in his conversation. image So there we have it – life has changed completely and yet is still the same. Happy, busy lives full of family, fun and, of course, as much crochet as time allows. I am excited about sharing it again here! x image



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Saturday Morning

Sunny Window

Good morning! Ah, blue skies, how we have missed you! A bright and early start for the Little Man and I, we have enjoyed a few hours of peace and quiet, happy in each other’s company.

Dresser 1

In honour of the imminent arrival guests, I decided to embark upon a spot of morning cleaning with my little helper in tow.

Dresser 3

Dusting is a rare enough event in this house to be noteworthy. Although I do not often feel compelled to remove the layer of fluff from my ornaments (after a couple of weeks it doesn’t get any worse anyway, does it?!) I do enjoy the end results. It will make me smile everytime I look at these gleaming shelves full of prettiness over the next few days.

Dresser 2

Sweet as it is, I am not wholly sure that the Little Man is of great help in these situations. Now he is mobile his reach is rather impressive. Indeed it is rather alarming to see those chubby hands reach out and grab a precious trinket but oh so adorable when I look at his face light up with pride. ‘I’ve got it, mommy!’ He loves the dresser (why would I not want him to play with a cupboard full of cut glass, china and booze?!) and we have to keep a chair in front of the door to deter his curiousity.

Book 1

Once the household chores were over, we spent a bit of quiet time together.

Book 2

The Little Man is obsessed with books. From a young age we shared at least one story a day. Before he was mobile, we used to read during nappy off time on his change mat, primarily to keep his hands out of the way, but now he will happily sit on my lap whilst we read together.

Book 3

Books are also a favourite choice for the Little Man when he is playing alone and he will spend ages carefully working through the pages, staring at the pictures and jabbering away as he reads them.


It is now mid morning and I find myself now sitting on the sofa, looking around our home and feeling an overwhelming sense of contentment. How lucky I am.

Wishing you peace and happiness this weekend, x


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An Emotional Day


Ah, just what you need on a day like this. As the title of this post suggests, I am feeling a little delicate today and, at such times, a bit of comfort eating is just what the doctor ordered.

In fact, today’s snack was no ordinary treat. This was a slice of celebration cake from The Ritz – delicious sponge filled with slices of sweet mango, juicy raspberries and rich vanilla cream. Amazing.


So why am I feeling emotionally drained today?

Yesterday the Little Man and I took a trip to somewhere new – his nursery. Today, it was the first time I left him there alone. Oh my.

Now, don’t get me wrong, he had a wonderful time. He was beaming when I left him and was just as happy when I returned an hour later. However, it has brought home to me that, as of next Friday, I shall be back at work and will have to leave my precious Little Man. Cue the tears.

How am I going to cope without him? How will I possibly complete my work without compromising my home life? All of these issues have suddenly become so real. I miss my baby just thinking about it.


This photograph is also bringing a lump to my throat as well as joy to my heart. This is the Little Man’s first piece of artwork that he was brought home. I am so proud. My baby painting (he is teething so wouldn’t stop eating the paint brush, hence the handprints!).


Unfortunately this photo session did remind me of how awful the border is on my Elmer Blanket. It was the first edging that I had ever done and inexperience is evident in the results. It is too narrow and there are too many stitches which has warped the squares and causes the sides to ruffle.

Must sort sometime but, for now, I feel bed calling. Back soon, x


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Seasons Change

There can only be one word to describe the weather around here of late: DULL

The view from my window appears to have lost its colour. This photo was taken at 12.31 yesterday. Midday yet it looks like nighttime is imminent.

It all started last Sunday. This was the third foggy Sunday in a row but, unlike the previous two weeks, the view was not temporarily shrouded in an ethereal mist but completely obscured by a dense fog.

This picture really plays with my mind. The trees are so clear then there should be a view but there is…Nothing! Weird.

It did not feel like my lake. It was so bizarre – I felt like I was on a film set. The ducks looked as if they were fleeing and the cawing of the crows seemed ominous in the quiet cloud.

Fast forward one week and I do not think the sky has been seen since. Yes the view has reappeared…

…but the rich vibrancy of Autumn is losing its grip.

The leaves are falling and the colours are muting.

Over this last week the light has not so much been bouncing off the shimmering ripples but has been consumed by the murky water.

Do not think I am complaining. There is something comforting about this metamorphosis from sapphire blue skies and the diamonds dancing over the lake to these steely grey skies and crunchy brown floors. It indicates a transition from trees shrouded in gold to bare, sculptural branches. After a Summer where the weather did not behave as it should it is good to know that we are passing through the seasons as they should be.

Sometime soon the dull skies will lift and the blue will return. Admitedly not the deep blues that denote the warmth of the Summer sun but the light, icy blue that will herald the beginning of Winter and I personally cannot wait. A new season, new skies, a new view.

To finish I wanted to enhance the rather dismal palette of this post by injecting a splash of vibrant colour:

There is no reason for this photo. He is just too cute for me not to put him on here! (Yes, I know he has a pink top on but it came in a pack of 5 and I wanted the other colours. Waste not, want not and all that).

The Little Man is an eBay baby and here he is showing off a few of his new trinkets from a toy bundle that I recently purchased. I felt that, as he is getting older, he needed some more stimulation from his playthings. He I was getting bored with playing with the same few rattling animals day in, day out. This was all well and good but have you seen the price of baby toys these days?! Ridiculous. So for the princely sum of £28 we are now the proud owners of a vast quantity of noisy, flashing, colourful bits of plastic that should keep him/me occupied for a while. That’s Christmas sorted anyway!

Come back soon to find out what’s the news in the world of woolly hexagons. 🙂 xxxxxxxxx


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Busy Minds

Edvard Munch – The Scream

I love this picture. My husband doesn’t – he feels that it is unpleasant and unsettling. However I have always identified with it. It visualises how I feel when the voices inside my head start shouting at me. This does not make my husband appreciate the artwork any more – he feels that this analogy is unpleasant and gets concerned when I start talking about my ‘voices’. I think this may be a boy/girl thing. I do not find my voices upsetting, they are just my inner monologue, the list of things I have to/want to/meant to do. They are my way of rationalising my ideas, oraganising my days, keeping my life on track. My husband does not work like this – he is thinking about what he is doing at that moment and everything else is forgotten.

Over this last week my mind has been working in overdrive. Before becoming parents, I do not believe that anybody can really appreciate how a little one can eat up the days. Don’t get my wrong, these are the most wonderful of days. The little man smiles whenever he sees me, he laughs and chatters and plays all day long and I cannot get enough of of those little hands clawing at stroking my face. I love it all. Then 8 o’clock hits. He is asleep, dinner has been eaten and I begin to panic. The washing is still piled in the corner because I could not put it away when he was asleep in the bedroom. That bookcase still has papers piled on it. There is clutter on the windowsill in the kitchen. Chatter, chatter, chatter my brain is spinning and I just want to cover my ears to stop the noise.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not unhappy – quite the opposite in fact. I am loving life at the moment. However, in times like this I find it hard to to find the calm that I need to organise my ideas. I cannot blog when I am like this – I have so much to share that it feels like too much. I walk away and wait. Wait for those voices to slow and the noise to quieten down.

Aw, when I look at that none of it matters. My boys. Perfect.

It will all get done. One day. 🙂


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Elmer Blanket

As someone who finds great pleasure and satisfaction in hooking a variety of yarns into pretty, colourful shapes a baby means one thing – baby blankets! (By the way, apologies for the wrinkled bedding. I do not iron, especially not sheets!)

After an initial dabble into oh-so-cute crochet bootie production I quickly realised that I was not interested in creating baby clothing. For those of you who may be, this pattern came from a rather delightful book called ‘Cute & Easy Crochet’ by Nicki Trench. It is a gorgeous book full of wonderful hooky products, although I admit I spend more time gazing at the scrumminess within than actually creating the products.  Adorable as this bootie is, it still does not have a pair. I just spent the rest of my pregnancy staring at it and exclaiming ‘awwwww’!

It was definitely blankets that I was interested in. I had a yearning to wrap my little one in soft, colourful drapes that I had created myself. Work, Ofsted and pregnancy lethargy did not leave time for mass production but the arrival of maternity leave gave me the opportunity to put ideas into action.

The lovely Heather of Little Tin Bird was in the middle of one of her baby blanket phases, whipping up a trio of woolly delights for her friends who were expecting. Unfortunately I cannot compete with her incredible hooking speed so I had to choose one design to attempt. As soon as I saw it I fell in love with her gorgeous Elmer blanket. Afterall, what better inspiration for people who love colour than Elmer?

This blanket is made up of solid granny squares crocheted together at the end (Heather has written a wonderful tutorial here if you fancy whipping up some colourful blocks yourself). The dense nature of these blocks has proved to be useful as it helps prevent busy little fingers and toes getting caught.

Having collected quite a healthy stash of Stylecraft Special DK, I chose 12 colours and created 6 blocks of each. As each square is a single colour, this blanket is relatively quick and easy with minimal colour changing and weaving in of ends. Perfect!

Once a pile of rainbow coloured squares had accumulated I laid them out, trying to spread the colours evenly, and photographed the final design for reference. 

I have never crocheted blocks together before but found the process of whizzing along the edges very theraputic. Lucy of Attic 24 has a superb tutorial for Joining Granny Squares, clear and concise as always, which made the process simple and stress free. I chose to copy Heather’s idea of using the bright red to join. This is mainly visible from the back but I love the way the vibrant colour peeks through at the corners.

I think that this blanket’s overall charm is its simplicity. The blocks of unfussy, solid colour are so effective that I did not want the border to detract from this so I chose to keep the edging simple with a row of  UK treble crochet followed by a row of double crochet. Unfortunately, I misjudged the number of stitches needed and inexperience meant that I did not spot the problem until I had almost finished the second row. Bowing to pressure from others I left it as it was but it still niggles everytime I look at those crinkly edges. Ah well, live and learn!

However, when I just look at the colours it makes me smile. And of course, most importantly, the blanket being put to good use.

This was my first completed crochet blanket and I admit, I LOVE it! So let’s indulge in a bit more blanket loving. It looks good with spots…

…and stripes.

The baby I made snuggling into the blanket I made. Awww!

Blanket Stats:

Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK

1065 : meadow 
1316 : spring green 
1003 : aster 
1019 : cloud blue 
1068 : turquoise 
1188 : lavender 
1034 : sherbert 
1061 : plum 
1390 : clematis  
1132 : shrimp  
1246 : lipstick 
1081 : saffron 
1020 : lemon  
1246 : lipstick (border)

Hook: 4mm (G)

Pattern: Little Tin Bird’s Solid Granny/Elmer Squares

Size: 90 x 60 cm (12 x 8 squares)

Edging: UK tr, UK dc


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