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Changing Seasons

imageSo Spring has arrived, how lovely! Apparently it began yesterday (I was unaware that the day varied, but hey ho) and it was a wonderful day, warm and generally sunny. The Little Lady and I spent it strolling around the park with my lovely friend and her baby. Fresh air, good company and some Vitamin D. Perfect!
imageThe beginning of this new season has led to my reflecting upon the weather that we have experienced over the Winter months.
imageThe lake has been as beautiful as ever, ever changing and reflecting the mood of the skies. There have been glorious sunsets in the distance…
And a few times it has disappeared altogether!
imageHowever, overall, it has been rather mild and uneventful. A few cold snaps but generally we have enjoyed a mild chill accompanied by blue skies and fluffy clouds.
image imageForgive me, this post is terribly self indulgent but I cannot get enough of the bare trees silhouetted against those gigantic skies.
imageAlthough I don’t mind the cold personally, I have to confess that the lack of seasonal storms has made things easier with the little ones. As Winter arrived the Little Man became obsessed with the idea of snow. Every time it was mentioned he would ask when our snow was going to arrive.
imageWhen the flakes did begin to fall he began to realise that now is often more fun in theory than in reality.
imageSnow is cold and wet and he has not quite reached the age where it’s potential can be fully realised. But he got his wish, however brief, and it is now time to look forward to what Spring has in store for us!


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The Weekend’s Calling!

Sunny Tree

Just as the last of my children were leaving, I looked up and saw the sun illuminating the branches of this tree. I breathed a sigh of relief. In a few hours the weekend would be here and I would be able to enjoy those precious hours with family and friends. Time to recuperate and take a moment to breathe before it all starts again! We’re having a mini party tomorrow so I shall be back with our chosen menu tomorrow.

Happy Friday to one and all! 🙂

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365 Project – Day 15

Day 15 cuppa

Enjoying a cup of tea with a piece of Baklawa whilst watching Sport Relief Bake Off. Because sometimes that is just what you need. 🙂

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365 Project – Day 9

Sky blue

Looking out of the window at lunchtime, my spirits were uplifted to see that beautiful blue sky dotted with fluffy white clouds. I might have been trapped in my classroom marking but I could dream of happier things!

I hope today has treated you well. 🙂

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365 Project – Day 6

Back to work

Ah, 6 o’clock, how I have missed you. Or maybe not. Back to work and I cannot pretend that my alarm was a welcome sound this morning. This was taken as I crept out of the house leaving my two boys still snoozing peacefully. What a wonderful holiday we have had together.

Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post – I am glad it is not just me who is so smitten with the final photograph.

See you tomorrow. 🙂

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Popping In


Evening all, I am just popping in to say hello and apologise for the lack of action round here at the moment. The Little Man is much better now and back to his usual, cheeky self. We barely had time to recover, however, until I found myself rather incapacitated. Whether I have been ill or whether I am finding it difficult to manage my stress related to returning to work has not yet been established but, oh my, have I been knocked for six! Needless to say, Friday went smoothly in the end (with the exception of my wanting to curl up under a rock). Little Man enjoyed his day at nursery and, within five minutes of entering the building, it was as if I had never left.

I’m sorry, I cannot write more now as my mind is mush but I hope to be back tomorrow, fighting fit, with last week’s Magic Moments. 🙂


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Shrove Tuesday


Hello, hello, hello! So, Shrove Tuesday is here again so pancakes are once again on the menu (not quite on the scale of my Pancake Party, but still). We enjoyed Summer Fruit Scotch Pancakes as the Little Man prefers them to crêpes. He had them with fruit and yoghurt but we couldn’t resist a bit of ice-cream and toffee sauce. Yum.


Just a quick post today as illness has struck the household so I am tired! The poor Little Man is suffering somewhat with a cold so is rather off-kilter, even going off his food (shock horror!). A late night, regular wake ups and a final wake-up call of 6 means we’re both in need of a few more zzzzs tonight.

I hope to be back soon with an update of hooky happenings around here.



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My oh my it is chilly around here at the moment. There have been plenty of evenings spent snuggling under my Ripple Blanket for warmth whilst working on my hexagons.

My mother bought us a pack of lebkuchen, our first of the year. I do love these biscuits. They just scream cosiness – some sweet and spicy warmth to see you through the Winter months. They remind me of childhood as I remember eating them at our friends house when we were younger. We used to visit them every Sunday after Church and their mom would always bring out some sort of biscuits or chocolates to feed us all. Sometimes homemade buns or Welsh cakes, other times packets of Wagon Wheels, Tea Cakes or, around Christmas, lebkuchen or mince pies.

My mother does not understand snacking – she is the sort of person who would take out a box of chocolates and just eat one. We rarely ate between meals and never had more than one or two biscuits. Here though we were allowed to have two, three or even four biscuits. Oh the excitement! However I am grateful to my mom for teaching me some restraint. Although I could never eat just one teeny chocolate, I can stop at two or three so that a box lasts for a week, not just a day.

I really should try to make my own lebkuchen for Christmas this year. I’ve never tries before. Does anybody know of a good recipe?

I do enjoy a slice of something sweet and tasty with my afternoon cuppa though and this week it has been this rather attractive carrot cake. I will be returning to this cake soon as there is a story behind it so, if you fancy having a nibble yourself, fear not, I shall post the recipe soon (made it up myself, I did!).

Thank you so much for indulging my last post. I am pleased to announce that I have managed to quieten my mind and am feeling full of beans, hence the title of this post. I sound quite hysterical, up and down like a yo-yo. I am not unbalanced, honestly, just a little enthusiastic sometimes. I like to indulge in the feeling of the moment!

It’s been pretty busy around here and I have a lot of pictures to share so hopefully you should be hearing a lot from Rosy Hill this week! I have a crochet update, a day trip, cakey news and, most exciting, a Halloween party to tell you all about.

This last event required a costume. After quite a lot of dithering I decided on an outfit which necessitated a pom-pom.

More specifically, a red pom-pom. Can you guess who I went as?!

I haven’t made one of these for years and, I have to say, I really enjoyed it! Very soothing. So much so that I got a bit carried away and the quality of the final result somewhat exceeded the what was required – that is one substantial pom-pom! Over 1/3 of a ball of Stylecraft DK in Matador (1010).

I have really enjoyed talking to you today – my blogging voice has returned and I have found myself able to waffle on with ease. So much to show you, I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Ta ta for now! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

p.s. I had to create a new category to file this post under – Waffle. Is that bad do you think?!


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