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Changing Seasons

imageSo Spring has arrived, how lovely! Apparently it began yesterday (I was unaware that the day varied, but hey ho) and it was a wonderful day, warm and generally sunny. The Little Lady and I spent it strolling around the park with my lovely friend and her baby. Fresh air, good company and some Vitamin D. Perfect!
imageThe beginning of this new season has led to my reflecting upon the weather that we have experienced over the Winter months.
imageThe lake has been as beautiful as ever, ever changing and reflecting the mood of the skies. There have been glorious sunsets in the distance…
And a few times it has disappeared altogether!
imageHowever, overall, it has been rather mild and uneventful. A few cold snaps but generally we have enjoyed a mild chill accompanied by blue skies and fluffy clouds.
image imageForgive me, this post is terribly self indulgent but I cannot get enough of the bare trees silhouetted against those gigantic skies.
imageAlthough I don’t mind the cold personally, I have to confess that the lack of seasonal storms has made things easier with the little ones. As Winter arrived the Little Man became obsessed with the idea of snow. Every time it was mentioned he would ask when our snow was going to arrive.
imageWhen the flakes did begin to fall he began to realise that now is often more fun in theory than in reality.
imageSnow is cold and wet and he has not quite reached the age where it’s potential can be fully realised. But he got his wish, however brief, and it is now time to look forward to what Spring has in store for us!


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365 Project – Day 16

The Little Man woke up before I had escaped this morning so it became my duty to bundle him off to nursery. The result was that I became horribly late, dashing out of the house at 7.45 and arriving at work only 20 minutes before the children. On the plus side, I got to enjoy cuddles and a natter with my gorgeous boy and was able to spend a moment enjoying the peace and quiet of sunrise.


Speed through to sunset and I am staring out of a window at work, wishing that I was overlooking my lake at this moment. Such a lovely colour; the water would have been beautiful in this light. Ah well. 🙂

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Happy New Year!

A glass of fizz in front of the Christmas tree to welcome in 2014.

Hello and welcome! It is so wonderful to be here, welcoming in 2014 with a new post. My goodness, it has been a long time since my last visit. I have to confess that my return to work turned my life somewhat upside down and I lost my equilibrium for a while. Blogging just got squeezed out. A week passed, then a month and then it seemed difficult to reconnect with you, my dear readers, and the blogging community as a whole.

But oh, have I missed this calm and colourful space! So many times I have thought of posting but didn’t feel that I could commit to posting regularly. Therefore I have a plan! Inspired  by the 365 Project, I intend to post at least one image daily, thus allowing me to keep in contact with you even if life is hurtling by with me hanging on by the coat tails. If I miss a day, it doesn’t matter, but at least you shall know that I am always here in spirit!

So here is me raising a toast to you, welcoming in 2014. May you find it brimming with exciting potential!


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Saturday Morning

Sunny Window

Good morning! Ah, blue skies, how we have missed you! A bright and early start for the Little Man and I, we have enjoyed a few hours of peace and quiet, happy in each other’s company.

Dresser 1

In honour of the imminent arrival guests, I decided to embark upon a spot of morning cleaning with my little helper in tow.

Dresser 3

Dusting is a rare enough event in this house to be noteworthy. Although I do not often feel compelled to remove the layer of fluff from my ornaments (after a couple of weeks it doesn’t get any worse anyway, does it?!) I do enjoy the end results. It will make me smile everytime I look at these gleaming shelves full of prettiness over the next few days.

Dresser 2

Sweet as it is, I am not wholly sure that the Little Man is of great help in these situations. Now he is mobile his reach is rather impressive. Indeed it is rather alarming to see those chubby hands reach out and grab a precious trinket but oh so adorable when I look at his face light up with pride. ‘I’ve got it, mommy!’ He loves the dresser (why would I not want him to play with a cupboard full of cut glass, china and booze?!) and we have to keep a chair in front of the door to deter his curiousity.

Book 1

Once the household chores were over, we spent a bit of quiet time together.

Book 2

The Little Man is obsessed with books. From a young age we shared at least one story a day. Before he was mobile, we used to read during nappy off time on his change mat, primarily to keep his hands out of the way, but now he will happily sit on my lap whilst we read together.

Book 3

Books are also a favourite choice for the Little Man when he is playing alone and he will spend ages carefully working through the pages, staring at the pictures and jabbering away as he reads them.


It is now mid morning and I find myself now sitting on the sofa, looking around our home and feeling an overwhelming sense of contentment. How lucky I am.

Wishing you peace and happiness this weekend, x


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Snowy Snapshots


Hello my dears, it has been lovely to see so many of you around here lately. Firstly, thank you so much for your kind birthday wishes. I am still celebrating with tea and cake of an afternoon!


Like so many people at the moment I am spending an inordinate amount of time gazing at the snowy landscape. On Sunday that was the view out of what was once my bedroom window at my parents’ house. So much snow! A Winter playground!


It has been a dramatic week weatherwise. We began with Monday‘s brief smattering of snow but that lasted no time at all.


For the rest of the week there was a hard frost underfoot whilst grey clouds hung in the sky. I revel in the ever changing view across my lake but, it has to be said, it was looking pretty grim.


However we did have this rather charming fellow to brighten the view and accompany us on our afternoon stroll.


Things changed as the week progressed and, by Friday morning, the snow had begun in earnest and, soon, the ground was covered.


Exciting as this was, I have to admit, the view was still looking a trifle dull.


Those of you for whom Winter usually means several months of snow covered ground may be slightly bemused by the sudden explosion of wintery pictures flooding the blogosphere but here such weather is infrequent, short-lived and met with great excitement.


The Little Man has loved his trips out in the snow. Everything stands out against the white backdrop so he can easily see the dogs bounding around and the geese hissing at his ankles demanding food. He has also spent a lot of time marvelling the swirling flakes through the window.


Sunday saw even more snow fall and everywhere was now covered in a thick, icy blanket.

Surprisingly I have found it rather difficult to snap the views across the road this week. I have come to discover that my lake photography revolves around two things: the sky and light, especially how the light plays upon the water. With the dense cloud cover my favourite vistas appeared dull and flat.


By Monday, I have to admit I was feeling a little low.


Imagine my excitement when I looked out of the window to be greeted by this:








Slinging the Little Man into the Ergo I practically ran across the road to soak up the rays.


My view was back!


This charming fellow came to say hello, probably excited that the lake was thawing before our very eyes.


Forgive me for the excessive number of photos but this is the only sun we have seen for over a week and it only lasted one, precious hour. I am trying to drink it in!


The reflections on the water were wonderful to see…


and the light illuminated snow, making it glisten as the shadows stretched across the ground.


Thank you for indulging my snowy snapshots. See you again soon! x



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Magic Moments – 2/52

Hello all, lovely to see you here on Rosy Hill. This post has been on my mind a lot lately, whenever I’ve done a little sigh of contentment or laughed merrily at life. How do I choose just 4 special moments in such a fun filled week?


1. A spectacular sunrise on our first morning at the loch. Yes, I admit it heralded an atrocious day weatherwise but it started with a moment of peace and awe. I was up early with the Little Man and we were snuggling in the enclosed balcony when my mother joined us with a cup of tea. It was quiet, tranquil and beautiful and we watched for 25 minutes as the sky slowly lightened, the grey becoming tinged with pink until the whole sky was dashed with vivid pinks and oranges.


2. Savouring a slice of toffeelicious cake in the adorable Treats Cafe, Kinloch Rannoch. Feeling tired but virtuous after climbing the mountain, the cake tasted all the more amazing for being earned for once.


3. A proud moment as the final piece was fitted. It has been a long time since I did a jigsaw and we really got the bug this week – 3 completed in record time. Roll on our 3,000 piece epic journey when we return home!


4. Enjoying the feast at Khublai Khan’s Mongolian Restaurant. After 8 years of hearing about how much we love this place, the pressure was on taking my parents and sister there for the first time. We need not have worried – they loved it! So much so we visited on the way to and from Loch Rannoch. We had a fabulous time, as always, with delicious food and wonderful service on both occasions but the real highlight was seeing the Little Man chomp away on wild boar, venison, mixed game, zebra, ostrich, springbok and kangaroo. Not a bad selection for a 9 month old!

I hope you have had many magic moments this week, x


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Magic Moments – 1/52

Happy New Year! Hope 2013 has started well for all of you, my lovely readers.

After seeing Heather’s and Jacquie’s recent posts I have decided to embrace the current craze running through the blogosphere which involves appreciating the magic moments in life. Every week I shall choose 4 snapshots that represent happy times during the last 7 days. The challenge for me shall be limiting the post to only 4 photographs but I shall do my best, so here goes!


The New Year was heralded in with a decadent trio of chocolate mousse made by my lovely sister. (The recipe came from this rather delicious book). The ‘big night’ was spent at her soon to be brother-in-law’s house where we enjoyed a relaxed, friendly evening with yummy food, games and plenty of Christmas sock appreciation.


I cannot tell you how much I love my new dresser. Having been struck down with serious furniture envy after seeing reading about Jacquie’s recent acquisition, my wonderful husband helped me acquire this fabulous piece from Ebay. Hours of pleasure have been spent bringing out my husband’s family china, decking it out with tinsel and baubles and generally just gazing in adoration at its splendour.


Every week is full of magic moments courtesy of the Little Man and this week was no exception. Having suffered from a tooth explosion recently he is now the proud owner of 5 1/2 pearly white pegs. This week he put these weapons into action by devouring a whole apple. I could have exploded with pride as I watched my beautiful boy (9 months yesterday) nibbling away curiously at attacking this exciting new food. Bless.


Finally, a moment of peace and tranquility as the sun began to set over Edinburgh. More about that next time. xxxx


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Easy Peasy Apple Cake

Red at night, Shepherds’ Delight.

The old adage proved correct and Saturday night’s wonderful sunset was followed by a marvellous day on Sunday. The sky was blue, the sun was shining and the air was warm – more like September than mid-November.

The Little Man and I trotted over the road to revel in the sunshine, all too unusual around here at the moment.

It was early afternoon but there was hardly anybody out except a few fishermen and a little girl learning to ride her bike. Where was everybody?! Was the blue sky not beckoning, the sunlight shining through the windows not calling them out from their homes?

Having been inspired by the lovely breads that Lillian stores in her cupboard I have dusted off the bread machine recently. It has been wonderful having fresh, homemade bread around the place. I love making bread – kneading, shaping, eating – but that is just not going to happen at the moment. The machine is therefore a practical and convenient way to enjoy my own loaves until a window opens for me to indulge in some more hands-on yeasty baking.

As I make small loaves (so that the bread is always fresh and they can fit in hubby’s lunchbox!) we end up having a lot more ends left over. All the more to feed to the ducks then!

The Little Man was fascinated by the geese honking around by his feet and the gulls flying above his head. However it was the blue sky that was capturing my attention.

Just look at that colour.

I could not stop gazing at it.

We walked round to the second lake to find a few more hungry beaks.

There were plenty to be found! The beige cygnets from earlier in the Summer (see here) are now completing the final stages in their transformation from ugly duckling to beautiful swan.

When we returned hubby took on the responsibility of childcare whilst I set about preparing Sunday dinner for my family. The dessert I chose has become a firm favourite since I discovered it in The National Trust’s Complete Traditional Recipe Book. It can be served warm as a pudding or left to cool and eaten as a cake.

Apple Cake

Place 175 g self-raising flour, 1 tsp mixed spice and 225 g sugar in a bowl (I use half caster, half demerara for taste and texture).

Add 225 g chopped butter but do not rub it in.

Peel and slice in 700 g cooking apples and stir in 2 beaten eggs and enough milk to make a stiff batter.

Place in a 23 x 23 cm tin and bake for 1 1/2 hours in a moderate oven (190°C). (The butter melts and caramelises the top so it is important not to take it out too early).

Easy peasy!

What’s your favourite comfort pudding? xxx


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Sing a Song of Sunset

4:15 pm Saturday evening. My lovely sister and her hubby-to-be were entertaining the Little Man when I looked up and this glorious sunset caught my eye. I rushed outside to revel in the spectacular show.

To the South the sky was blushing a delicate rose…

…whereas golden yellow flames dashed the sky to the West:

Let me take you through the trees and around the lake.

The colours, the ducks, the symmetry. So beautiful, so peaceful, so memorable. Thank you for sharing this experience with me. 🙂


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Today is an exciting day. Two years ago to the day my darling hubby and I were wed and what a two years it has been! I never expected that we would be spending our second wedding anniversary sitting in our own lovely home whilst our gorgeous little man sleeps upstairs. So many happy memories of this special day and so many more happy memories have been created over the last 24 months.

I have loved looking through the photos to choose which ones to put on here. Maybe I shall share some more sometime. Would you like to see some more snaps from our wedding album?

Anyway, moving on. The weather man must have been listening yesterday as the grey finally broke up and we had a really beautiful day weatherwise. The morning was bright and sunny but, by early afternoon, the clouds had set in and were making amazing patterns over the blue.

What is more, the sun soon reappeared low in the sky, illuminating the clouds.

Just beautiful!

Now, I promised you some hooky talk today. This was the Hexighan last time I shared it with you here:

and this is how it looks now:

Not exactly stellar progress you may say, and you would be correct. But there is more to the story than meets the eye! Now, you may remember that this blanket is part of a Patchwork Granny CAL but I was somewhat slipping behind. However, I got up a wake up call after watching the lovely Fiona over at Knit Knat Knot quickly complete her adorable Cath Kidston inspired afghan by taking part in a ‘One a Day’ challenge (check out the finished item here). Hmm, I thought, I can do that. One little hexagon each day? Easy!

So, ‘Where are they?’ I hear you cry! See that squishy bag at the back of the picture? That is choc full of four round hexagons waiting to be attached to the blanket.

You see, what takes the time is not the creation of the hexagons but the colour planning. I can sit and hook whilst chattering to the little man but I cannot concentrate on balancing colours whilst ensuring that he is safe and happy. So I now have a bag of hooky shapes waiting to be joined together. All I need is an hour in daylight to create my plan of attack and photograph it so that I can blitz the joining. Hubby is working long days this week so this will have to wait til Friday. However, I hope to make real progress in the next week and have a sizable blanket to show you next week. That’s the plan anyway!

Why this must wait until hubby is around became apparent within minutes of taking the above photo:

As I have told you before, little man does love yarn and he decided to join in the party. My poor blanket was treated quite roughly.

Hexagons were unravelled:

Yarn was snatched…


and generally smooshed:


Yes, blanket planning is going to be a mommy only job! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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