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The Week In and Out


Hello my dears, I hope I find you well. Thank you for your kind wishes for the Little Lady. Her spots are now clearing and normality has returned.

Do you like the yarn play that I enjoyed with my Little Man the other day? He is not the most enthusiastic artist/crafter but, with a bit of encouragement, we have some lovely sessions together. I am planning on creating a spider to live in his colourful web so it can hang in his bedroom.


There are times when I get myself in a tizzy about this blog, planning posts, not writing them and then ending up stressing so I am hoping that this post clears a backlog. The last fortnight has been a busy mix of mundane, comfortable at home time (the in of the title) and merry outings here and there, picnicking with family and friends. Bits and pieces that make for messy posts but are a truthful reflection of everyday life. My latest obsession, Instagram, is a wonderful outlet for these moments but I still love writing my blog. If you’re on there please come and say hello @rosy_hill!


On Bank Holiday Monday we had a magical day out at one of our favourite places, Shugborough. I have taken you there before here if you want to look around but on Monday it was a relaxed, family affair that centred around the little people and the picnic!


It makes me so happy to see the joy my Little Man gets out of life’s simple pleasures. Chasing a ball around. Picking dandelion clocks.


Bless him.


Another wonderful moment from last weekend was creating these little beauties. So simple, so effective, so delicious and so much fun! I have never used YouTube videos to cook from before but these worked out really well. Check it out here.


Served warm with a blob of ice-cream they made quite a spectacular dessert!


Today we are down in Kent with family and we took a trip to Riverhill Himalayan Gardens. We timed the visit well with the woods being carpeted with bluebells. What a smell!


The little people had a wonderful time and the weather was kind to us. It only rained a little bit and the sun even came out to say hello.


The Little Man was here, there and everywhere…


…even getting up close and personal with the sculptures! I took so many pictures of the flowers, the views, the art but mostly it was pretty overcast and they just don’t do justice to the beauty of nature. Trust me, we shall be visiting again!


Finally, we have been busy setting up the garden for the summer. Seeds have been planted, bushes have been mulched and some dubious seed potatoes have been plunged into the ground with fingers crossed! I hope to have some more to show you soon when things get going.

Thank you so much if you have made it to the end of my musings. Flicking through it all looks pretty bright and colourful so I shall leave you with a reminder that we’ve had the rain and clouds too, we’ve just carried on regardless! 🙂




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This post is somewhat out of order as these photos were actually taken in mid August and these hydrangeas are fading as we move into Autumn. However I could not bear to leave these piccies to wilt away too so I am temporarily resurrecting these Summer blooms in attempt to hold onto the last bit of the season. Why not?!

I noticed these flowers nestling amid the lush, green bushes in my mother’s garden one Sunday evening. They looked like they were bursting out of the border.

I love hydrangeas. Their petals are so delicate and papery and their colour is so variable, from soft pinks and lilacs to vivid blues and purples. Each flower head is like a whole bunch of flowers.

Just like oyster shells there are jewels hidden within – just look at those pearly centres.

This one reminds me of a bride’s bouquet.

I’m afraid the light was already fading and I only had hubby’s phone to capture these images with but I could not stop snapping these blooms. There is something vintage about the look of them – they hark back to a previous time. They remind me of those flowery bathing caps that ladies wore in the 50s.

In between the colour were these incredible skeletons of the dead flowers, delicately patterned like moth wings.

I’m afraid my editing skills have completely abandoned me with these photos. I cannot choose which ones to put in so I’m just going to leave you with a stream of scrumminess. Enjoy! 🙂



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Greetings! Some days have a purpose: a planned outing, a special meal, a celebration. However the majority are not so clearly defined. They are not particularly exciting or momentous but comfortable and familiar. They contain the little events that make up everyday life and I am very grateful for them. 

I am forever fascinated at having the opportunity to peek into the homes and lives of fellow bloggers and I love having the opportunity to share and record these here. So this is a little snapshot of what is happening in my life on this Sunday:

In my garden:

The roses are smiling at the intermittent sunshine.


I love fushia – they look like beautiful ladies dancing through the sky on tiptoes, their pink skirts swirling.


I used to love popping the buds as a child.

This little bee was snoozing on the job.

On the lake:

A gentle breeze rolling over the lake making the reflections shimmer on the surface. It felt very tranquil.

With my tea:

A sneaky little slice  of chocolate cake. I decided to make only half a cake so that I can enjoy a little slice of what I fancy while not scuppering my attempts to lose the baby belly. Clever, no?!

On my hook:

I am on the final colour of my edging for my ripple blanket. I am so excited, I love this blanket and am incredibly proud to have nearly completed it. More about this soon!

 Hoping you stop and look at the little things in your life today. Enjoy!



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Garden Salad and Garlic Toast

This basket of green loveliness was picked from our garden by my wonderful hubby this weekend. So much luscious tastiness! How our pretty little salad has grown. From these little lettuces…


they have grown…


until we had a bed full of mouth watering greenery. So many lovely leaves!

Well, if I am honest, SO many leaves! Lesson learnt for next year – don’t plant all of your lettuce at once.

Salad time, me thinks. In our house we get through plenty of lettuce on sandwiches but I can’t say we regularly have a salad for dinner (it isn’t normally met with great enthusiasm by the other half!). However, I do occasionally insist on a dinner of greenery, though with other yumminess added in.

This salad always reminds me of holidaying in a mobile home with Becca and her family a decade ago (how frightening – I think we both still feel 15 sometimes!). One evening her mom made a bacon and egg salad. I don’t know if it was the situation, the recipe or her mom’s wonderful cooking but this salad has always stuck in my mind.

Egg and bacon served on a bed of lettuce (with our yummy salad beet), add in some other salad treats (pepper, carrot, onion – the choice is yours!) and then drizzle in a warm dressing of mustard, honey and oil. I have used wholegrain but different mustards work well. Delicious!


Finally, no salad in our house is complete without a round of garlic toast! We are big fans of this pungent bulb, but garlic bread in all its buttery goodness is a rare treat. However, I learnt a trick when on German exchange that has become a staple food stuff for us.

Grab a piece of toast and rub a garlic clove over it before buttering as normal (warning – do not put the knife back in the butter unless you want some flavoursome marge!). Always a winner, though you might want to make sure everybody in the house eats some.


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Blossoming Monkey Nuts!

I cannot quite express the excitement I felt as I got home today. Walking up the drive I could see a flash of colour in my window…

A few months ago, my mom gave me a present of a few sprouting monkey nuts. I dutifully planted my little peanuts into a pot of soil but not much happened. However, wrapping the pot in a polythene bag and leaving them on a sunny windowsill boosted their growth and, before I knew it, pretty little green leaves started appearing.


Slowly they grew and grew until there were four, bushy plants sitting in the sun. Happy days!

The theory goes that, when the peanut plant has matured, little, yellow flowers will appear. These will quickly wilt before a stem will appear from out of the curled up blossom. Gravity will then cause this to bury into the soil where the monkey nut will grow. Now, peanuts thrive in a hot, humid climate which does not exactly match with central England so my efforts have been met with some scepticism! So, imagine my excitement when I spy that speck of yellow blossom from afar. Yes, my peanut plant has its FIRST FLOWER!


I know my plants are relatively small and I have no idea if anything will come of them, but if I get one peanut from this adventure I will be so happy!

Have any of you tried this before? Let me know about your experiences!


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Something smiling in the rubble

Isn’t that just beautiful? A heart warming dash of colour smiling up from between the rubble. It’s wonderful that something totally uninvited can bring such happiness to a sad, neglected area.

Unfortunately, that is the state of much of our garden at the moment. So much energy over the last year has gone into renovating the inside of our house that the outside is desperately screaming out for some TLC. Slowly and surely though, that is what it is receiving. There is, however, one little area of joy to be found in our two raised beds and several pots that represent our first forays into the world of vegetable gardening!

Introducing the first of our salad crops…

…some promising looking Broad beans…

and some little gems ripening on the strawberry plants!


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