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Baby Granny No. 3


Greetings my friends. I warned you that these cups would be reappearing soon! The Little Man and I have been baking so grab a ginger nut and let’s do a bit of blanket loving.


This journey started four years ago when I first picked up a hook and began learning how to crochet. You can read the story here. My grannies quickly became square and I was hooked (excuse the pun!). Fast forward to just before the Little Lady was born and I found my original practice granny along with the King Cole Chunky and decided to put them to good use.


It wasn’t long before I had a reasonable sized square (1 m x 1 m) in these fabulously vibrant colours.


Next came the fun part – the border (#10 in Edie Eckman’s ‘Around the Corner Crochet Borders’). Made out of popcorn stitches separated by 5 chain stitches and a treble it is fun and frilly and I love the effect. There is nothing subtle about this blanket! Beware though, this edging is time consuming and eats yarn like nothing else so be prepared before embarking on a large border!


Ta-dah! There we have it. A super thick and warm baby blanket, perfect for wrapping a little one in on frosty walks.


The chunky yarn gives this blanket a really tactile quality that the Little Lady really enjoys. It makes me so happy to see her pulling on those little bobbles, all warm and cosy in her woolly nest. The King Cole is not as smooth as the Stylecraft feeling somewhat more ‘plasticy’, especially when wet, but blanket is soft, snuggly, rich in colour and washes well.

So there we go. A simple project that has been an excellent stash buster as well as putting a practice square to good use. Win win! I know you have seen my final picture before, but it is so cute so you will have to humour me. Be back soon! 🙂




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Sweet Pea Snapshots


Evening all! Can I offer you a cup of tea? My lovely aunt came into possession of the most delightful Royal Winton tea set in Sweet Pea and very kindly gifted it to me. It is positively divine and I love every sip from it. I have a feeling that you will be seeing these pop up frequently from now on!


The weather has been up and down this week. Beautiful sunshine, some much needed rain and a few grey, chilly mornings which have allowed us to wrap ourselves in the cosy blankets around the place. It makes me so happy to see them being put to good use.


Even my Summer Garden Granny Throw was put to work as an impromptu picnic blanket.


There has been a pleasing amount of crochet happening here at the moment. My South Bay Shawlette is coming along slowly but surely (the pattern can be found on Ravelry). The yarn is Drops Baby Alpaca Silk and is a dream to work with.


Don’t you just love a bit of al fresco hooky? My Crochet Mood Blanket 2014 has become a 2015 mood blanket but I am loving choosing which colour it is to be each day.

However the most exciting news of this week has to be from Little Lady. Drumroll please…my little poppet is now eating!


Yes, weaning take 2 has begun. I cannot believe how well she has taken to eating. She is even giving her brother a run for his money! So far she has scoffed banana, pear, orange, potatoes in all forms, carrots, swede, brocolli, peppers, tomatoes, Weetabix, Rice Crispies, turkey with five spice and ginger, steak, chicken curry, oxtail stew, red rice with feta, cheese sandwich, crumpets and probably loads more that I am forgetting. Here she is enjoying a pitta stick with cashew butter.

I cannot tell you how exciting I am finding this second journey into Baby Led Weaning (not least the improvement that we have seen in the length of time that she will go between feeds in the night now!). I will try to restrain myself from boring you with details of every meal time but please allow me this proud mommy moment as I leave you with one more picture.
See you soon!



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Curry Comfort


Good evening all, I hope this post finds you well. I was all set to do a ta-da post for a couple of pieces tonight but I am frankly just too tired to find the words. Illness has struck again as it is now the turn of Little Lady to be blighted by chickenpox. The poor little lamb is covered in spots, much more than her brother was. Luckily she does not seem to be overly unwell, just incredibly itchy.


For the past few days I have therefore given myself over to a lot of sofa snuggles. She is a bit restless, waking regularly from her naps and needing extra comfort so I have kept her close by, resigning myself to a few days of films and crochet (well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!).


I have taken the opportunity to resurrect a long forgotten project, my Summer Garden Throw. Using Lucy’s (Attic24) Summer Garden Granny Square this blanket is a colour bonanza and I am loving every minute of it.


Yesterday I did manage to rouse myself from our cosy nest to create a rather delicious Carrot, Tomato and Lentil Soup. (Simply softened onions and garlic with paprika, salt and tomato puree with chopped carrots, tomatoes, red lentils and parsley).


And today I took some time out to cook up a batch of comforting vegetable curry from Be Healed, Be Healthy, Be Happy. I absolutely love this recipe and, best of all, it’ll fill my stock pot with enough for 2 meals for the three of us and 3 lunches for me. The only real changes I make are using swede instead of butternut squash (cheaper and quicker to prepare) and adding a tonne of coriander (1 tbsp ground and as much fresh as I can get my hands on). I also only use 1 can of coconut milk, making up the difference with water.
Anyways, I have just fed and resettled the Little Lady so I am going to take the opportunity to grab as much sleep as possible until she stirs again.

Enjoy your weekend. 🙂


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A Moment


Hello my lovelies! Just wanted to bring you a moment of sunny, snuggly goodness that the Little Lady and I slipped into our weekend whilst her brother was having his nap. Daytime hooky is quite unusual for me so this opportunity was a real treat. What’s more, I got chance to use my new Queens Couture ‘Swallow’ mug.


Oh it makes me so happy to drink from this beauty! During my pregnancy I became a little obsessed with drinking from china cups (strange how hormones affect us!). However, I still wanted a good sized cuppa, not to mention something that can go in the dishwasher. Since discovering these mugs we’ve built up a little collection. So many colours, patterns and styles. Major wanties! But I shall be good for now and enjoy my birdies.

Hope you have a moment today. x


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Baby Granny No. 2

Hello all! I promised you crochet this time so here we are.


Just as with the Little Man, I made 2 new blankets prior to the arrival of the Little Lady. I had always intended to create another baby granny like the one that I shared here. So, with the arrival of my baby imminent, I reread that post and set to work as instructed – whip up 6 squares in each of your 6 colours and border with cream. Excellent.


Although we did not know what the gender of our child was to be I was inspired by the autumnal colours around me so went for seasonal browns, yellows and pinks and got started. 36 completed squares later I decided that there’s no point in reinventing the wheel and began to copy the original colour placement. It did not take me long to realise that my previous post was wrong. The first blanket did not contain 6 shades of blue/green but 7. Whoops. I blame baby brain. I will revisit that post and amend the details! Never mind, onwards and upwards.

However I was not going to start crocheting more squares at this point. So Baby Granny 2 really does only contain 6 colours and cream but I do not believe that it is any the poorer for it!


Ahh, my two blankets for my two little munchkins. As you can see, there is a slight disparity in size despite being the same yarn on the same hook. This is simply because, as the years have gone by, my crochet has become more relaxed and even giving it a softer texture and resulting is a slightly looser weave.


(Excuse the clutter but this one’s just so darn cute!) There is an extra special reason why this granny means so much to me. It was the day before my due date and I was desperate to both finish hooking and have the baby! By lunchtime the blanket was done. A few hours later I went into labour and out she popped on her due date, clever girl. She’d just been waiting for mommy to finish before she arrived.


Blanket Stats:

Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK

Hook: 5 mm (H)

1132 : Shrimp
1114 : Sunshine
1064 : Mocha
1035 : Burgundy
1123 : Claret
1029 : Copper
1005 : Cream

Pattern: 4 round Granny Square then Bunny Mummy’s ‘chain round a granny‘ before the final round

Size: 90 x 90 cm (36 squares)

Edging: Double V Edging



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New Arrivals

Tree Skeleton Well hello there my lovelies, how long it has been! It has been the usual story of life snow balling and something has to give. I do apologise and can assure you that I have missed you all so much. And now I return to share the exciting news of a new arrival at Rosy Hill – the Little Man is now a proud big brother to our lovely Little Lady. image These last few months have been a magical journey as our family of 3 has expanded to include this precious new bundle. The Little Man has been amazing and has taken everything in his stride showering his sister with love and affection and always including her in his conversation. image So there we have it – life has changed completely and yet is still the same. Happy, busy lives full of family, fun and, of course, as much crochet as time allows. I am excited about sharing it again here! x image


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365 Project – Days 12 and 13

Lake at sunrise
Evening all! I hope you had a marvellous weekend. Apologies for yesterday. Missing a day had to happen soon but we shan’t panic too much. I did remember the project though and captured a few images whilst feeding the ducks before breakfast.

Lake at sunrise

These are the moments that are special in life. Standing there with my Little Man it was still, peaceful, and very chilly with a frost over the ground. The slight pinkness across the sky slowly faded to be replaced with sunshine.

Morning Lake

Definitely the most beautiful part of the day.

Little Man

Day 13. What today’s picture lacks in quality and skill it makes up for in cuteness factor. This afterall is my life and there are limited photo opportunities on the average week day. My Little Man amusing himself with a book whilst I changed the sheets just melts my heart. He really is just wonderful and today’s picture is for him. x


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Saturday Morning

Sunny Window

Good morning! Ah, blue skies, how we have missed you! A bright and early start for the Little Man and I, we have enjoyed a few hours of peace and quiet, happy in each other’s company.

Dresser 1

In honour of the imminent arrival guests, I decided to embark upon a spot of morning cleaning with my little helper in tow.

Dresser 3

Dusting is a rare enough event in this house to be noteworthy. Although I do not often feel compelled to remove the layer of fluff from my ornaments (after a couple of weeks it doesn’t get any worse anyway, does it?!) I do enjoy the end results. It will make me smile everytime I look at these gleaming shelves full of prettiness over the next few days.

Dresser 2

Sweet as it is, I am not wholly sure that the Little Man is of great help in these situations. Now he is mobile his reach is rather impressive. Indeed it is rather alarming to see those chubby hands reach out and grab a precious trinket but oh so adorable when I look at his face light up with pride. ‘I’ve got it, mommy!’ He loves the dresser (why would I not want him to play with a cupboard full of cut glass, china and booze?!) and we have to keep a chair in front of the door to deter his curiousity.

Book 1

Once the household chores were over, we spent a bit of quiet time together.

Book 2

The Little Man is obsessed with books. From a young age we shared at least one story a day. Before he was mobile, we used to read during nappy off time on his change mat, primarily to keep his hands out of the way, but now he will happily sit on my lap whilst we read together.

Book 3

Books are also a favourite choice for the Little Man when he is playing alone and he will spend ages carefully working through the pages, staring at the pictures and jabbering away as he reads them.


It is now mid morning and I find myself now sitting on the sofa, looking around our home and feeling an overwhelming sense of contentment. How lucky I am.

Wishing you peace and happiness this weekend, x


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Spring Snow

Spring Snow 1

Greetings – Happy Spring! How are you all? Oh I have missed being here. Since my return to work the weeks have passed by in a blur.

Spring Snow 2

Rather like this photo, life appears to have become a little fuzzy as the days disappear at lightning speed and I am rushing hither and thither, not sure what to make of it all.

Spring Snow 3

On top of all that the weather here is putting us all in a tizz – green shoots were appearing, daffodils are all around then this. Ridiculous!

Snowy Lake

However I am trying to make the best of it and not let the grey skies get us down. If there is one thing that I am sure of right now it is that every moment of family time is precious and I am determined to make the most of it.

Snowy Tree

Yes, the ground is wet and slushy, the wind is biting and the sky is grey when it should be turning blue but there is always beauty to be found and fun to be had.

Snowy Tree 2

Yesterday we braved the unseasonal chill to take a short stroll in a local park. The Little Man is feeling a little delicate at the moment (snotty nose and teething, again!) and fresh air and a change of scene was just what the doctor ordered.

Snowy Tree 3

The landscape was rather monochrome but there was a brief splash of colour to be found on this moss covered tree. We ambled gently, enjoying the quiet stillness of the area whilst the Little Man looked out excitedly for dogs bounding about the place (dog walkers seemed to be the only other people battling the weather).


It was only a short excursion but fun was had by all. I took the handy excuse of carrying the Little Man to abstain from the snowball fights but we watched happily as the others hurled icy lumps through the air.

Snowy Playground

We ended with a trip to the play area. The Little Man was not quite sure what to make of being dumped unceremoniously in a pile of snow but he did enjoy a go on the swings and a bounce on the see-saw. Very simple but precious memories to be treasured as we dive back into another hectic week.

I am so sorry to have gotten behind on my Magic Moments. Determined as I am to keep it going throughout the year I know that I have to take things as they come at the moment and not let everything get on top of me. The photos are sitting waiting for me and I shall get around to compiling the posts as soon as possible.

I hope to be back very soon. Wishing you all a Merry Monday! 🙂


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Magic Moments – 7/52

Hello! How are you? Health seems to have returned to the household and I am glad to report that we are all back in good spirits. Unfortunately the sickiness meant that I just wanted to curl up and hide away so this post is obviously rather late – I am only just squeezing it in before next week’s magic moments are due! – but I am determined to keep up the challenge all year. So here are my happy moments for week 7:


Ah, blue skies, how happy have I been to see the return of the sun this week. My lovely sister, Isobel, came to visit the Little Man so we all took a turn around the lakes to blow the cobwebs away. The break in the clouds gives hope that Spring is around the corner but, do not be deceived, it is cold out there!


Breakfast in bed and a lie in thanks to my wonderful husband. I always wake up at 7 to feed the Little Man and it is such a luxury to be able to hand him over to my hubby and snuggle back down occasionally. It’s the little things that make me feel so lucky to have him and our lovely family.


New bath toys! I spied these when out shopping and could not resist. The Little Man loves bath time and it is well established in our nighttime routine – dinner, bath, feed then bed. Even when we are out and about we try to still give him a little splash about.

This photograph is to signify home and the comfort it brings. It represents every time I’ve looked down at my precious Little Man this week and felt overwhelming love and happiness. So many magic moments when he is around.

Enjoy your magic moments this weekend. x


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