It’s late, well past my bedtime, but today has been so special that I wanted to record it here. Nothing big happened but it was beautiful none the less.


There was some unexpected sunshine as I enjoyed a cup of tea at an old barn (Bredon, in this case). Any meal tastes better with a healthy dose of fresh air!


On arriving at our final destination we took a quick dip in the pool before donning the woollens once more for fish and chips on the beach. Eaten in the dark with the crashing ocean as background noise it was the perfect end to a lovely day. Here’s to a weekend of beachy fun and family time! I hope your day is beautiful too, x




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4 responses to “Today

  1. sounds blissful…enjoy your weekend xx

  2. quilt32

    So glad to hear from you again and I love the photos of the cup and the old barn – frame-worthy.

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