A New Year Beach Trip


A Happy New Year to you all! As has become my habit, it’s a time for starting over which finds me returning to this blog to say hello once again.


This last year has brought about big changes in our life but, in another way, returning here reminds me how things are just the same.


I am now back at work and we no longer have a tiny baby and a toddler but a girl who is already beyond the toddling stage, zipping about the place desperately trying to keep up with her brother, and a growing boy wise beyond his years.


2015 also saw major upheavals with a house move, including a few months squatting at my wonderful parents’ home in between, as well a new addition in the shape of my adorable niece. Only 6 weeks older than my Little Lady she has settled beautifully in our family and our hearts and we could not be happier about it.


Everything’s changed and nothing has. New additions, new surroundings, yet here I am blogging about a winter trip to the beach. Buckets, spades, a picnic lunch and the sounds and smells of the ocean. Fabulous family time that I hope never changes.




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2 responses to “A New Year Beach Trip

  1. quilt32

    Glad to see you back online and to get an update on your beautiful family.

  2. So good to hear from you Abigail… I was a little concerned! What a year you’ve had, but it’s great to see you all enjoying the simple things still 😘 Much love from Yorkshire x

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