Here Comes the Bride


Greetings all! I hope this post finds you well. Today I’d like to share a few pictures of the beautiful wedding that I was lucky enough to attend last weekend.


The bride is one of my oldest and bestest friends and I had the honour of serving as matron of honour with a speech and everything!


Held at the beautiful Deer Park Hall, this was a proper fancy pants wedding and the effort that the bride and groom had put in shone through. No detail was overlooked and there were little touches everywhere that made everything a little bit more special. (See the bunting in the top photo? Endless streams of pretty triangles all cut, sewn and ironed by the groom. Spectacular!).


The Little Man did his bit well, dressing up and posing like a star all day as well as making this rather special heart for the bride, complete with buttons and sparkles. He’s really got into his crafting at the moment and I am loving it!


The weather was a mixed bag but warm and generally kind, giving us plenty of time to enjoy the stunning views.


The sunset was spectacular, even if I did manage to miss taking a proper photo as hubby’s phone chose precisely that moment to die.


Needless to say the skies were incredible and the countryside glowed.

Of course, there was the star of the show (excepting the bride and all that jazz!) and that was the cake. And boy did this wedding have cake! (Made by the wonderful Marie Green).


At number one we have this beautiful gold leaf three-tiered number that hid a surprise…


Cut it open and it was a rainbow of pink sponge (can a rainbow be one colour?!). You must excuse some of the photography – as I did not have a bag on me most of my snaps were stolen on hubby’s phone in between bridesmaid duties and childcare. It was really strange not having the time to take a few candid shots whenever I wanted and, I have to say, I really missed it. The ones I did get, however, do give a good idea of how lovely the day was and I want to record it here for memory. I hope you will indulge me!


Onto cake number two and this was a ‘naked’ sponge that held a wonderful surprise when eaten – it was coconut and totally delicious! The flowers used for decoration in the evening were from the two mothers’ gardens, which I thought added a lovely, personal touch.


Moving onto number three and we have the evening buffet – the cake of cheese from Ansteys. Nom! We had one of these at our own wedding (note our board underneath!) and they always go down well. Not to mention the fact that, when the celebrations are over, it is nice to know that your wedding can still feed you in the weeks to come!


And finally, at number four, we have my favourite – the cupcakes. Coming in vanilla, carrot and chocolate orange flavours these were scrumptious! Strictly speaking these are more fairy cakes as the were small and made out of light, fluffy sponge instead of cupcake batter. Either way, they were both delicious and adorable.


We were lucky enough to be gifted a few to bring home so they have been providing a sweet treat of an evening with a cup of tea and some crochet. Perfect!


Thank you for letting me share these memories with you. It was a magnificent day that I hope will mark the start of a long and happy married life for these two special people.  See you soon! x



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2 responses to “Here Comes the Bride

  1. quilt32

    That appeared to be a beautiful and elegant wedding, and Little Man’s crafted heart fit right in. The cakes were spectacular.

  2. It looks amazing! I’m in love with the metallic gold cake – I love that you did one layer!

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