Edinburgh Butterfly and Insect World


Hello my dears! This post is somewhat late but I did promise you some photos from our trip to Edinburgh Butterfly and Insect World so here goes!


There is something magical about these beautiful creatures and I love having the opportunity to be so close to them.


The range of shapes and colours was just breathtaking…


And the flora was equally dazzling with tropical blooms all around.


The staff were wonderful, eager to share their knowledge and get the little people involved.


They also had minibeast and reptile handling, which the Little Man loved!


My favourite thing was that you could literally stand and watch the birth of a new butterfly emerging from its chrysalis (truly awe inspiring).


And, of course, when I stood still long enough then I was lucky enough to get up really close and personal. Love it!

And do you want to know the very best thing about this place?


The Butterfly World is situated on the same site as Dobbie’s Garden Centre so you can take a break and get some sustenance before returning to the green house. How good is that?! (Oh, and expect to see my attempt to recreate this coffee delight sometime in the not too distant future!).
Back soon! x


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5 responses to “Edinburgh Butterfly and Insect World

  1. You must have a pretty special camera! What fabulous photographs! I remember going to something similar years ago and my father was wearing Yellow! He was covered in butterflies!!

    • Thank you, you’re very kind! I have to admit though, I cheat and just use my phone camera – I am simply not organised enough to manoeuvre 2 small children and a camera. The phone is just so easy! 😉
      It’s funny when images like that stick in your mind. I’m sure your father looked very pretty! 😀

  2. quilt32

    The pictures are simply glorious and I can’t wait to see your post on that delicious-looking dessert.

  3. beautiful photos, I love butterfly houses, there is something special about wandering amongst the plants in the hot humid air with butterflies of all colours fluttering around. x

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