Baby Granny No. 3


Greetings my friends. I warned you that these cups would be reappearing soon! The Little Man and I have been baking so grab a ginger nut and let’s do a bit of blanket loving.


This journey started four years ago when I first picked up a hook and began learning how to crochet. You can read the story here. My grannies quickly became square and I was hooked (excuse the pun!). Fast forward to just before the Little Lady was born and I found my original practice granny along with the King Cole Chunky and decided to put them to good use.


It wasn’t long before I had a reasonable sized square (1 m x 1 m) in these fabulously vibrant colours.


Next came the fun part – the border (#10 in Edie Eckman’s ‘Around the Corner Crochet Borders’). Made out of popcorn stitches separated by 5 chain stitches and a treble it is fun and frilly and I love the effect. There is nothing subtle about this blanket! Beware though, this edging is time consuming and eats yarn like nothing else so be prepared before embarking on a large border!


Ta-dah! There we have it. A super thick and warm baby blanket, perfect for wrapping a little one in on frosty walks.


The chunky yarn gives this blanket a really tactile quality that the Little Lady really enjoys. It makes me so happy to see her pulling on those little bobbles, all warm and cosy in her woolly nest. The King Cole is not as smooth as the Stylecraft feeling somewhat more ‘plasticy’, especially when wet, but blanket is soft, snuggly, rich in colour and washes well.

So there we go. A simple project that has been an excellent stash buster as well as putting a practice square to good use. Win win! I know you have seen my final picture before, but it is so cute so you will have to humour me. Be back soon! 🙂




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7 responses to “Baby Granny No. 3

  1. quilt32

    The blanket is great and I like that it is something that will get so much use and still be so beautiful.

  2. Great job, especially the border. I’ve been quite lax with borders in my blankets so far (just edged with double or triples), but I must make more of an effort. They elevate a simple design to a new level.
    I know what you mean about ‘plasticky’ yarn – Stylecraft has been a revelation but it’s hard to get hold of locally for me. I’ve used New Fashion before but in large pieces you get that slightly scratchy feeling. I was given a quite a nice leaving cash gift from my colleagues a couple of years ago and invested in King Cole Marino wool for my ‘Nanny McPhee’ blanket. It’s still my favourite wool for crochet but the price!!! 😵 Cost me about £50 for a 5’x5′ granny square blanket. Soooo… Barring lottery wins, back with acrylic!

    • PS. How much do babies love that foil stuff?! We had it at a playgroup and it’s all Sproglette wanted to play with for months!

      • My shawl is my first foray into using beautiful yarn. It is gorgeous. One day, after my big win, I shall make a blanket out of scrumptious, silky wool. For now, go Stylecraft!
        And yes, she loves the foil! My husband thought I was made when it arrived but, seriously, it doesn’t take much to amuse a 6 month old. 😀

      • Stylecraft do a lovely wool/acrylic mix that’s sort of ‘tweedy’… I’m totally salivating over it, but it’s almost a fiver a ball. I’m trying to save my two pound coins to get it ‘in the sly’ (☺️) but I keep raising the piggy bank for other treats!
        Though if I really did win the lottery (hard since I rarely enter!) I’d be keeping Debbie Bliss in clover… Or some of the gorgeous hand dyed wool makers I have found through the blog!

  3. Your blanket looks great, lovely colours. I love the last picture, so cute. x

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