Sweet Pea Snapshots


Evening all! Can I offer you a cup of tea? My lovely aunt came into possession of the most delightful Royal Winton tea set in Sweet Pea and very kindly gifted it to me. It is positively divine and I love every sip from it. I have a feeling that you will be seeing these pop up frequently from now on!


The weather has been up and down this week. Beautiful sunshine, some much needed rain and a few grey, chilly mornings which have allowed us to wrap ourselves in the cosy blankets around the place. It makes me so happy to see them being put to good use.


Even my Summer Garden Granny Throw was put to work as an impromptu picnic blanket.


There has been a pleasing amount of crochet happening here at the moment. My South Bay Shawlette is coming along slowly but surely (the pattern can be found on Ravelry). The yarn is Drops Baby Alpaca Silk and is a dream to work with.


Don’t you just love a bit of al fresco hooky? My Crochet Mood Blanket 2014 has become a 2015 mood blanket but I am loving choosing which colour it is to be each day.

However the most exciting news of this week has to be from Little Lady. Drumroll please…my little poppet is now eating!


Yes, weaning take 2 has begun. I cannot believe how well she has taken to eating. She is even giving her brother a run for his money! So far she has scoffed banana, pear, orange, potatoes in all forms, carrots, swede, brocolli, peppers, tomatoes, Weetabix, Rice Crispies, turkey with five spice and ginger, steak, chicken curry, oxtail stew, red rice with feta, cheese sandwich, crumpets and probably loads more that I am forgetting. Here she is enjoying a pitta stick with cashew butter.

I cannot tell you how exciting I am finding this second journey into Baby Led Weaning (not least the improvement that we have seen in the length of time that she will go between feeds in the night now!). I will try to restrain myself from boring you with details of every meal time but please allow me this proud mommy moment as I leave you with one more picture.
See you soon!




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7 responses to “Sweet Pea Snapshots

  1. It’s difficult not to mention ‘mummy’ things isn’t it? I try not to, at least not too much, because I don’t want to go down the ‘mommy blog’ road – my blog is a way for me to remember I’m not JUST a mummy! But children are so all-compassing you can’t help but mention them!! I think it’s nice to include the positives now and then x
    We inadvertently did baby led weaning – Sproglette would only eat things she could hold in her hand for the first 5 months of weaning. However, she had no teeth until 11 months so our options were limited! Steamed carrot, broccoli, toast and pancakes were the mainstay. But it’s weird how much they seem to like spicy (not hot) stuff when they are young… Her favourite was falafel 😋

    • That’s exactly how I feel about my blog!
      Yes, my Little Man was very good about spicy food until he ate a chilli in a fit of rage. Ooops! It’s amazing what they can eat without teeth though. She certainly likes flavour in her food. Will try the falafel! ☺

      • I suspect it’s quite a common feeling! It’s lovely being home with a baby/toddler and I won’t change it for the world… But goodness, it’s nice to talk about other things sometimes. Plus, I find logging the things I make online encourages (forces!) me to continue with them, instead of just slobbing out every evening! 😉

  2. How adorable, she certainly seems to be enjoying her next step of growing up, doesn’t it just happen way too fast! x

  3. quilt32

    There’s nothing sweeter than a baby enjoying her food. And your china is simply gorgeous.

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