A Moment


Hello my lovelies! Just wanted to bring you a moment of sunny, snuggly goodness that the Little Lady and I slipped into our weekend whilst her brother was having his nap. Daytime hooky is quite unusual for me so this opportunity was a real treat. What’s more, I got chance to use my new Queens Couture ‘Swallow’ mug.


Oh it makes me so happy to drink from this beauty! During my pregnancy I became a little obsessed with drinking from china cups (strange how hormones affect us!). However, I still wanted a good sized cuppa, not to mention something that can go in the dishwasher. Since discovering these mugs we’ve built up a little collection. So many colours, patterns and styles. Major wanties! But I shall be good for now and enjoy my birdies.

Hope you have a moment today. x



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5 responses to “A Moment

  1. My husband is bemused why I don’t do chores while the Sproglette is napping…. It’s my secret crochet time. I treasure it 😊

  2. A moment to be treasured! Tea for me too is just not the same unless in a china mug! Sharon x

  3. quilt32

    That’s a especially beautiful mug with all of the colors of your crocheted piece. I love the little fingers in the first picture.

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