Springtime Catch Up


Hello! Hope you’re keeping well. I’ve been out of action for a little while as we’ve been battling a bout of chicken pox whilst simultaneously organising (and attending) a hen party for my lovely friend. It’s been all go! Luckily the Little Man bore his illness well but he found being confined to the local area a little bewildering. He could not understand why we were not venturing much further than the park! I am just so grateful that we had the glorious sunshine and spring blossom to keep our spirits up and allow us to enjoy the fresh air as much as possible.


We are still trying to enjoy as much alfresco feasting as possible whilst the weather holds and a favourite treat at the moment is these wheat free pancakes. I originally began my search for a simple, flourless pancake recipe when the Little Man began weaning but I was disappointed with the results. They generally contained apple or banana and the results were somewhat on the heavy side. These, however, are light and fluffy. Let me be clear, they do not compete with a proper, rich, butter laden scotch pancake but they are an excellent substitute whilst project ‘shift some baby weight’ is still in action. They will also no doubt prove to be useful when the Little Lady begins exploring solids. So here’s the recipe:

35 g / (1/3 cup) porridge oats
240 ml / (1 cup) yoghurt
3 eggs, beaten
Ground cinnamon

Simply mix together the yoghurt and oats then stir in the beaten eggs. Add cinnamon to taste. Fry in batches. When bubbles begin to appear on the surface, turn and cook for a further couple of minutes. Enjoy sweet or savoury with your favourite pancake topping!



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One response to “Springtime Catch Up

  1. quilt32

    Your pictures are gorgeous, particularly the one with the blossoms.

    So glad the chicken pox episode is over.

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