Magic Moments


Greetings all! Easter is over and spring has well and truly arrived. Lots of little things have been going on around here and I have a hundred posts buzzing in my head so I have decided to do a Magic Moments post to clear my mind and share a few bits and bobs that have been amusing me lately.


Most exciting of all has been Little Man turning 3. His birthday was on Sunday and his requests were simple – a picnic, pizza for dinner and cake (‘If me has cakes mees will be happy’, bless him). The only other thing that he asked for was to take his cars and play with them outside at the picnic.

I am pleased to say that we managed to tick everything off his list and a wonderful day was had by all. We chose Packwood House as the location for the picnic. There was the added bonus that the National Trust were once again running the ‘Cadbury Easter Eggsploration’ so entertainment was provided! The day was topped off by a family pizza making party and ended on a high with us all tucking into the amazing cake made by my lovely mommy.


The beautiful weather has lured us into the garden a lot more. Last autumn we planted a load of bulbs in the herb pots and these are really coming into their own now.


This is the Little Man’s garden. A planter choc a block with spring colour! Over winter it provided a splash of colour in the form of cyclamen, primroses and pansies. Now the bulbs have sprouted and there are so many wonderful blooms to admire. It might not be a very subtle display but the Little Man is very proud of them and loves watching the bees that they are attracting.


One of the best things about the warm weather is the opportunity for garden picnics. As you know, we picnic out and about in all weathers but it is only when the sun is shining that we start enjoying as many meals as possible al fresco.


Finally, we have crochet! The other week saw me enjoying the luxury of a few hours on a train, alone. The sun was shining, I had downloaded a couple of programmes on catch up and I had my hook in hand. Bliss. There’s not been a lot of hooky action on the blog lately but I have some projects to share and even a few finished items! Making the most of the sunny weather on Monday I tried to photograph a few pieces. So I shall leave you with a picture of my little helper and will be back soon to share some more. Enjoy your own magic moments!




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5 responses to “Magic Moments

  1. quilt32

    It sounds like the perfect party for a three-year-old and I’m sure he was amazed at your mother’s great cake.

    Loved seeing the top of his little blonde head.

  2. Love love the last photo…precious!

  3. He’s certainly got a green thumb, those flowers are just beautiful!

    In your first picture, with the yummy cup of tea, is it on a legit collection of teabags? Because oooh, wow, I want to find me some of those.

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