The Easter Bonnet


A beautiful bowl full of crafty, eggy goodness. The Little Man and I had a wonderful time gluing, sticking, glittering and painting these little polystyrene balls. The glitter has been an especially big hit but he also enjoyed using the metallic marker pens that we recently acquired. I personally love the metallic painted eggs. Simple and elegant, I could look at them all day. But of course, these delights were destined for a higher purpose – to adorn the Little Man’s first Easter Bonnet.


Our cling film painting made an excellent base which was to be decorated with our eggs and some Easter themed critters – two bunnies and a chick.


Et voilà! One Easter bonnet for an excited boy. It lacks the finesse of many but it does reflect a lot of effort on the part of my Little Man.

Happy Easter everyone! x




Filed under art, toddler

4 responses to “The Easter Bonnet

  1. Awesome ! I’d be proud to wear it 🙂

  2. quilt32

    I must have been too busy on Easter to see your post! What a wonderful Easter bonnet.

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