Painting with Cling Film


It’s Easter bonnet time here on Rosy Hill. The Little Man has a parade on Thursday so we’ve been painting, sticking and glittering like crazy! Still only 2, the Little Man is not particularly interested in reaching a particular outcome with his creative endeavours but he is interested in exploring new ways of expressing himself/making a mess! I try to introduce a variety of materials and techniques to have a go with.

As his concentration is limited when it comes to art the bonnet will be simple with the opportunity to use as many different items from the craft box as possible. As ever, the internet is full of inspiration and today’s task was painting with cling film (plastic wrap)Β  from Bare Feet on the Dash Board.


We began by squirting some paint in spring like colours over some cardboard before covering it with cling film (ours was actually a clean used sandwich bag). The boy then got stuck in, squishing and swirling the paint around. Every time he touched the plastic he’d look at his hands, expecting them to be covered in paint. Bless him.

The idea is that this technique is relatively ‘mess free’ but the fun that came after certainly was not! Once the plastic was removed the Little Man spent ages squishing, squeezing and splatting the paint around. The glee on his face was incredible! Such simple pleasures.



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2 responses to “Painting with Cling Film

  1. quilt32

    Very pretty results in spite of the mess. I had never herd of this craft before.

  2. quilt32

    Oh – spelling error – “heard” instead of “herd”.

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