Changing Seasons

imageSo Spring has arrived, how lovely! Apparently it began yesterday (I was unaware that the day varied, but hey ho) and it was a wonderful day, warm and generally sunny. The Little Lady and I spent it strolling around the park with my lovely friend and her baby. Fresh air, good company and some Vitamin D. Perfect!
imageThe beginning of this new season has led to my reflecting upon the weather that we have experienced over the Winter months.
imageThe lake has been as beautiful as ever, ever changing and reflecting the mood of the skies. There have been glorious sunsets in the distance…
And a few times it has disappeared altogether!
imageHowever, overall, it has been rather mild and uneventful. A few cold snaps but generally we have enjoyed a mild chill accompanied by blue skies and fluffy clouds.
image imageForgive me, this post is terribly self indulgent but I cannot get enough of the bare trees silhouetted against those gigantic skies.
imageAlthough I don’t mind the cold personally, I have to confess that the lack of seasonal storms has made things easier with the little ones. As Winter arrived the Little Man became obsessed with the idea of snow. Every time it was mentioned he would ask when our snow was going to arrive.
imageWhen the flakes did begin to fall he began to realise that now is often more fun in theory than in reality.
imageSnow is cold and wet and he has not quite reached the age where it’s potential can be fully realised. But he got his wish, however brief, and it is now time to look forward to what Spring has in store for us!


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One response to “Changing Seasons

  1. quilt32

    Beautiful pictures. I can’t believe how much Little Man has grown.

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