365 Project – Week 7

The Lake

Hello my dears. There is always room for another lake picture so I have squeezed an extra one in to begin with. Maybe next year I shall do a 365 lake project! Tree

Sunday 9th February: The mixture of sunshine and storm clouds in this picture is a perfect metaphor for this day. On the one hand, we had fun in the park and a wonderful party of family and friends for my brother-in-law’s birthday. On the other hand I had a poorly husband and my sister spent the day in and out of A&E after an altercation with a food processor. I don’t think this is the place to say any more but I am glad that my life is not usually full of such drama! A day that I will not forget in a hurry, that is for sure.

Mood of the Day: Pinky red – happy, dramatic, family and friends.

Leaf stitching

Monday 10th February: I make a very conscious effort to seperate my working life from this blog. Afterall, it would be a miserable 365 project if my daily image was a pile of books to mark each day (even if it does feel like that sometimes!). These pretty leaves, created to inspire my class in their creative endeavours, just had to appear alongside my cheerful, lilac square for that day. Life was feeling good.

Mood of the Day: Lilac – a good work day.

Crochet Mood Blanket

Tuesday 11th February: As always happens in these cases, work managed to throw a curved ball today to bring me down with a bump. Hey ho, let’s just bury ourselves in colourful crochet instead. (See here for my Week 6 update).

Mood of the Day: Peach – a very unsettled colour after my good mood being crushed at school!

Heating whisky

Wednesday 12th February: A rather late Burn’s Night Supper of haggis, neeps and tatties. After last year’s triumph, the whisky sauce once again took pride of place. Delicious and the Little Man loved it (the haggis that is, not the sauce!).

Mood of the Day: Bright blue – happy, bright, a good day.

Cheese and haggis sandwich

Thursday 13th February: The most amazing sandwich ever – cheese and haggis topped with tomato and fresh basil. Always the best part of having haggis for dinner.

Mood of the Day: Maroon – cosy, comfortable.

Valentine's Day

Friday 14th February: Happy Valentine’s day one and all. We shared a Chinese take away with my sister and her husband before battling it out over Settlers of Catan. A strawberry and kiwi pavlova from my lovely hubby topped it all off perfectly.

Mood of the Day: Bright purple – a happy feeling of deep contentment.

Fish and Chips

Saturday 15th February: Fish and Chips at the Black Country Museum. Amazing! I was quite concerned when we realised that the old chippie, who used to fry the chips in beef fat, had closed but these did not disappoint.

Black Country Museum

We had a marvellous time, stepping into the past and experiencing life in a Victorian mining town. The ranges were so beautiful, although I do not envy the women having to clean them out.

Mood of the Day: Steel grey – grey skies in the Black Country. Grey can be a beautiful colour.

So there we have another week in pictures. So much happiness. I hope that you take a moment to think back over the happy times of your week. x



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2 responses to “365 Project – Week 7

  1. Isobel James

    A lovely blog for a, in the most, lovely week! Valentines with chinese, bubbly, Catan, our hubbies, and sisters together…you can’t go wrong! X

  2. quilt32

    So many beautiful food items, your lovely blanket, a lot to see in this post. Hope your husband and sister are feeling better.

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