365 Project – Week 6

Sunday Morning Lake

Good evening! It has been wonderful to see so many of you around at the moment. I hope that means that you are not bored of seeing my little snapshots. I really love sharing them with you, reliving happy times and remembering forgotten moments.

Sunday Sky

Sunday 2nd February: We shall begin with a sunny Sunday morning, the start of a lovely day. Nothing much happened. We didn’t really go out anywhere exciting. But it was me and the Little Man and that does not happen very often. I ducked outside soon after breakfast to take the pictures above but I was not quite ready to leave the house yet. It was too warm, too comfortable. I was having too much fun!


Amusement came in the form of the Little Man’s Duplo. Oh how I love these colourful blocks. We have a bit of a mottled collection. There are some old Duplo-style bricks that came with some rather strange farm animals, which were purchased from the charity shop, a Duplo farm and a Duplo zoo. Altogether they make quite a pleasing collection. It makes me so proud watching my Little Man exercise his imagination. He places the pieces so carefully – just look at the tiger in the top right corner, his foot placed gently on his giant slab of meat. And the giraffes and the elephants are always left in close proximity to a luscious green tree. He’s such a clever boy!

As well as the happy memories it is the randomness that really pleases me – the giant giraffe and the huge tractor ready to trample any lonely animal that gets in the way. It reminds me of such games when I was a child – animals and people who bore no resemblance to reality in terms of scale or colour. As if this matters when you are transported to an imaginary world!

Inevitably our fun came to an end as the Little Man grew restless. Fresh air beckoned. We decided to visit the ducks and make the most of the sunshine which was to disappear by lunchtime.

Play Area Tree

Our path took us, as usual, to the play area. Whilst there I love gazing at this tree. There is nothing to spoil its sculptural quality – it just sits against the vast sky, the branches weaving their way towards the clouds.

Play Area Tree

Love it!

Mood of the Day: Deep blue – I wanted my favourite bright blue but I cannot bring myself to have two identical blocks next to each other whatever my feelings that day. I have to like this blanket!


Monday 3rd February: A rather last minute photo of the day but these do represent my favourite part of the day – playing with the Little Man before bedtime. His smiles and cuddles make everything worthwhile.

Mood of the Day: Charcoal grey – wet, tiring, rather miserable day.


Tuesday 4th February: Not a great deal to say about this day but I did at least manage to take this moment to calm myself and marvel at the beauty of nature before work.

Sunrise on the Lake

Mood of the Day: Plum – dull, tired, stressed.

Toy Car

Wednesday 5th February: I wasn’t really sure what to photograph today but the sight of this little car sitting on the kitchen worktop made me smile. Probably left by the Little Man as he tried to snaffle some tasty morsel off the side!

Mood of the Day: Deep pink – a definite lift in spirits after a good day at work. Feeling very content.

Tea and Chocolate

Thursday 6th February: Sometimes tea and chocolate is just what you need. 🙂

Mood of the Day: Teal – a rather wet day but feeling happy.

Bathing with Candles

Friday 7th February: Relaxing in the bath, sipping Sambuca and getting rid of the cares of the week. Wonderful!

Mood of the Day: Deep red – feeling warm and snuggly as I relaxed into the weekend. x



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2 responses to “365 Project – Week 6

  1. quilt32

    I never get bored with your lovely pictures and spirited captions. Keep up the good work.

  2. Isobel

    I see what you mean…that zoo was fabulous! I do love watching him place the pieces, such concentration on his beautiful face!! X

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