Walking in the Wind

Cuppa Tea

Greetings on this blustery Winter day! Come and have a cuppa and warm up. 🙂

I know, I missed my Tuesday link party with Hazel to update on my Crochet Mood Blanket this week but I will be there ready next week! It all went a little bit awry for a moment but the problems have been resolved and we are now back on track again. All good.

Sheldon Country Park

Back to today and look at that sky. See how big it is? How blue? We just had to get out and make the most of those restorative rays.

Sheldon Country Park

Our jaunt took us to a local park. Luckily we had the forethought to don our wellies as the ground was completely saturated. See those massive puddles? The seagulls have taken up home there is so much water! We have been lucky enough to avoid the awful floods that some parts of England have been suffering with but the rain has seemed somewhat incessant at times. Today, however, it was the wind that we had to battle with.

Birmingham Airport

Our final destination was the end of the runway at Birmingham Airport. Based on the fact that it was blowing a gale, it may have been a strange choice to go and picnic in the windiest spot in the city but hey ho.

Birmingham Airport

The Little Man loves it here. The planes sail straight above your head with a deafening  roar before screeching down the runway. There is something rather majestic about seeing them up close. It defies gravity and logic that they can keep themselves up! Admittedly the plane in the picture above is rather diddy but we were all ready to race back home by this point so I had to take what I could get.


Along with the train line, which is also visible, they provided excellent entertainment during our picnic. The Little Man was enchanted.

Sheldon Country Park

A good job as we needed some distractions from the weather. To be honest, the picture at the top may have given a slightly optimistic view of things. In fact it was even raining at one point. Freezing cold droplets blowing across our faces over the sandwiches. Marvellous!

Sheldon Country Park

We are hardy folk though and it quickly cleared.

Sheldon Country Park

The blue sky and golden rays were back. Happy days!

Cuppa Tea and Gloves

I’ll be back soon with a 365 Project update. 🙂


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One response to “Walking in the Wind

  1. quilt32

    I love your gorgeous blue skies. We’re still pretty much snowed-in here and it’s very cold – no blue skies. Also love your pretty gloves.

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