365 Catch Up

Turquoise Ring
Well good day my dears. Thank you for your kindness in response to yesterday’s post. The haze has cleared a little and things are feeling a little calmer, thank goodness. It therefore seems like a good time to catch up on my 365 project and post my chosen snaps from the last week or so. Above you can see today’s offering which is me admiring my turquoise ring whilst hooking up today’s square for my Mood Blanket 2014. It was a Christmas present from my lovely hubby and makes me smile every time I look at it.

I am really enjoying this project. Many of the photos are less than brilliant, taken on my phone in bad light of an evening, and there is a certain repetitiveness in some of the subjects (I admit, my evenings are not buzzing in variety – I return from work, eat, play and work – limited opportunity for awe-inspiring photography). However, I love looking through them and seeing my life bob along merrily. If I have three days in a row where the highlight of my evening is something scrummy to eat whilst crocheting, hubby sitting by companionably and the Little Man asleep upstairs then I am happy with that.

So here goes…

Key Lime Pie

Saturday 18th January – The day of my party. I admit that I was useless at snapping the food that we served. There was cleaning to be done, food to be prepared and a little one to be entertained. There was no time for step by step snap for making brioche buns, coleslaw or the Key Lime Pie above! Never mind, it was all delicious and we had a marvellous time.

Birthday Picnic

Sunday 19th January – A perfect day. This day deserves a post all to itself and I hope to get round to it very soon. We had some family time at Winterbourne House and Garden, enjoying a picnic of soup and sarnies followed by cake and strawberries. Sunshine and laughter, so much happiness. I love this picture.

Frosty Morning

Monday 20th January – A frosty start to my birthday. Another lovely day. I am so lucky to have such wonderful family and friends.

Tuesday 21st January – At my parents’, crocheting another day’s square after enjoying a celebratory Chinese take-away. Find Tuesday’s Crochet Mood Blanket update here.


This may be a strange picture to post but it fascinates me. The sky was full of a weird, ethereal pinkish glow which captivated me and so it will stay!

Key Lime Pie

Wednesday 22nd January – Finishing Saturday’s Key Lime Pie whilst admiring my Granny triangles. They make me so happy!

Birthday Cake

Thursday 23rd January – And today it was time to polish off the final slice of birthday cake!

Settlers of Catan

Friday 24th January – Welcoming in the weekend with a game of ‘Settlers of Catan‘ with my lovely sister and brother-in-law.

First Granny

The evening was made extra special by some yarny excitement as I taught my sister to crochet. It was a proud night for one and all when she completed her first square!


Saturday 25th January – A truly miserable day weatherwise, it was a blessed relief when the clouds cleared for a short time to let the last of the day’s sunlight poke through.

Soup and Soda Bread

Sunday 26th January – I have already written about my soup and soda bread adventures here.

Jigsaws with the Little Man

The rain was pretty incessant so we enjoyed an indoor sort of day. The Little Man has recently discovered jigsaw style puzzles and I love the concentration on his little face as he attempts to complete them.

Little Man reading

Happily his passion for books continues and he can entertain himself and us for many hours as he explores his favourites.

So, there we are, all sorted and up to date! Thank you, as ever, for stopping by. Your company is much appreciated. 🙂



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4 responses to “365 Catch Up

  1. quilt32

    The Little Man is getting to be quite grown-up. Love to see pictures of him and, somehow, your picnic lunches always look much more delicious than mine.

  2. Isobel

    Wonderful post my dear 🙂 So glad to hear you’re slowly returning to some sort of normality after a strange few days! Pictures are fabulous – loved today’s one and, of course, the beautiful Little Man! Also, I am incredibly proud of my square…my 2nd is even better!! All (almost) down to the teaching ha. Love love X

  3. Great post! Lovely to see children enjoying books! And, I live sky pictures, sunsets are my favourite! Crafty hugs! Xx

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