Watch Out, Crocs About!

Steel Crocodile

Hehe, isn’t he wonderful?! We found him lurking in the bushes whilst noseying around Birmingham Nature Centre. I love this place. Being one of my mother’s favourite go-to activities for entertaining children it brings back such happy memories – we took every friend I ever had here! Now it is definitely proving a hit with the next generation.

As it is a nature centre not a zoo, the inhabitants are not easy to photograph so I don’t have many animal pictures to share, steel crocodiles aside.

Red Panda

The red panda did manage to sneak into one of my sky-gazing snaps (can you see him crawling about in the top left?)…


…and I did capture Mr Robin Redbreast as he joined us for lunch. Other than that, I will just have to assure you that the tamarin monkeys were beyond adorable and the meerkats were especially entertaining.


Of course, I have the obligatory picnic snap for you. I do enjoy looking back on these – I think that family picnics have to be one of the best things to have come out of motherhood. Today’s offerings were somewhat healthier than last week’s. We enjoyed the last of hubby’s Sweet Potato and Pear Bisque with my latest loaf, the perfect food for\ a chilly January picnic, and finished off with a couple of dark chocolate and stem ginger chocolates. (Little Man adores ginger). Delicious!

Puddle Splashing

Altogether a very successful outing. The Little Man had a marvellous time and was so exhausted that he was asleep by the time we left the car park.

Lake at sunset

The beautiful weather today has been a real tonic to the soul after being cooped up at work all week so when the light levels began to dip this evening I just had to capture the colours splashed across the sky and dancing over my precious lake.

Lake at Sunset

I am so happy to have reconnected with these views since returning to Rosy Hill this year and I thank you all for letting me share these special moments with you. x



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3 responses to “Watch Out, Crocs About!

  1. quilt32

    The last two photographs are gorgeous. We had a very dull, grey day, although mild. I love Little Man’s boots.

  2. Isobel

    You should definitely get a big crocodile!! x

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