Knole Park

Sweet Chestnut Shells

They say that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and I think that today’s image is proof of this. It makes my heart sing to look at it! It was taken whilst spending a happy few hours spent in Knole Park this morning.

Knole House

The park is part of the Knole estate, the centrepiece of which is the rather impressive Knole House. The oldest parts dating back to the 15th century, the house is famous for being one of the largest in England and housing the most remarkable collection of royal Stuart (17th century) furniture.

Knole Park

Like many National Trust properties, the house is closed during the Winter for maintenance but the grounds are open all year round so we were able to take advantage of the clear skies and take a stroll.


Wellies were donned which allowed some happy splashing. Plenty of plane/helicopter spotting took place as well as some rather surprising bird watching.


Having just taken advantage of a handy bench we were surprised to notice that a nearby tree was illuminated by a flock of bright green parakeets. You can just see them dotted along the branches in the photo above. A rather surprising spot but apparently these birds have taken up residence in the area after escaping from captivity.

Croissant Thief

As this was a rather impromptu outing we had grabbed a picnic of croissant, a rather delicious orange drizzle cake and some grapes to make it ‘healthy’. As you can see, some people were getting impatient and so my attempt to photograph our offerings was interrupted by a croissant thief!

Woodland walk

We spent a bit of time exploring in the trees and getting close to nature (sometimes too close for the Little Man’s taste).


I loved the incredible shapes of the trees, especially this stump which seemed to have almost magical properties.


Our outing ended with a rather close encounter with some of the deer that roam the estate.

Deer attack!

I think they must be used to people feeding them because this cheeky one was rather insistent about finding out what was in my pockets!

Twilight strolling

Finally, I just had to share this precious picture from a late evening stroll last night. So cute. I love my little family and the happy time that we have together.

Wishing you all a lovely Sunday, x



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3 responses to “Knole Park

  1. Isobel

    These pictures melted my heart! That one at the end is gorgeous. How did he react to the deer?! Missed you all today but glad you’ve had a nice time. We noticed he had his new hat on 🙂 X

  2. Mommy

    Glad to see Jasper wearing my hat! Lovely posting as usual xx

  3. quilt32

    I’ve been waiting for a picture of Little Man. He really is a “little man” now, isn’t he? I also loved the last photograph.

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