365 Project – Day 4

Ball Pool

Hello my lovelies. Don’t they look pretty?! Like a giant pool of sweeties. We’re down in Kent visiting hubby’s family and today’s photo represents our morning’s entertainment – a local soft play area. Hell on earth some of you may be thinking, but it actually turned out to be highly enjoyable for one and all. Even though it was busy, there was a feeling of space and we were not tripping over children at every turn. It was also the perfect entertainment for the Little Man on this very wet Saturday. He isn’t quite old enough to appreciate the fun of walking in the rain so this was a marvellous way for him (and us!) to burn off steam.

No Knead Bread

In other news, my No Knead Bread experiment is going well with attempt 2 proving very successful – 1 cup wholemeal, 2 cups white bread flour. It was much tastier than the totally white version and the texture was improved by reducing the amount of yeast used. I hope to post properly about this once I have experimented with a few different flavours. So far so good! x



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3 responses to “365 Project – Day 4

  1. Isobel

    Photo’s great! As for the bread…YUM! xxx

  2. quilt32

    Glad you found something nice to do on Saturday – and the bread looks delicious.

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