A Lake Update

Morning Lake

My image of the day – the lake just after sunrise. I had just dropped the Little Man at nursery and was walking calmly back around the lake. It was so quiet and peaceful, just me and the ducks hoping for a morning snack.

Sunny Lake

I thought I’d take this opportunity to give you a little update on our lake. As I have seen people’s annual summaries about in the blogosphere, I decided to look back at my pictures of the lake from the last year. I was shocked – where were they all? Surely I cannot have forgotten my lovely view? Then it struck me how my usage of this pool has changed dramatically in the months since I returned to work. During my maternity leave, I strolled endlessly around, watching the changes in light and greenary and snapping the views from favourite positions. However now my walks tend to sidestep these hotspots and take me the other way, bypassing most of the lake and heading straight into the park towards the play area.

Lake at twlight

What is more, they invariably take place at twilight, after the Little Man’s nap when we are seeking release from our little home, burning off steam before dinner time. At this time of day it is tempting to draw the curtains and snuggle down for the evening but it is so important for the Little Man to get out and I always enjoy it when we are finally bundled up and outside.

Lake at night

The view from this side is somewhat flatter and emptier, although it does have a sort of quiet charm as the sun is dropping out of the sky and the lights reflect in the glassy stillness like little balls of fire.

Geese at night

We stand there in peaceful companionship, the Little Man and I, waving to the geese who come, hopeful for a last mouthful of food before bedtime.

Lake at night

There is always much excitement and chatter when a plane illuminates the sky. That boy is obsessed with all forms of transport, especially aeroplanes!

Field at night

We then continue along our way, the lake now behind us. The grass fields are stretching ahead, allowing the sky to dominate the picture. Sometimes it is just the two of us but the best times are when all three of us tread the familiar path.

Play area at night

Finally we arrive at our destination. There are squeals of delight as the Little Man chooses what he will enjoy next (usually swings, swings, swings!). It is quiet and peaceful, the stillness only disturbed by the occasional dog walker. Simple, happy times.

Thank you for joining us on our regular afternoon outing. I feel so grateful that I can take such enjoyment out of the routines of everyday life. Til tomorrow! x


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2 responses to “A Lake Update

  1. quilt32

    I have missed your charming photographs. I’m so glad you take the time to go out with Little Man and spend time with him. It’s good for both of you.

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