No Knead Bread – The Beginnings

No Knead Bread

Evening all! Thank you so much for your kind comments on my return to Rosy Hill. You are wonderful.

Today’s 365 photo records my major achievement of the day – a successful loaf of No Knead Bread. I am so proud! Looking at that picture, I believe that it sits quite happily next to the (rather expensive) artisan bread behind it. Taking less than 20 minutes hands on in all, I see an exciting journey ahead. Having used dried rather than instant yeast, I may have misjudged the conversion as I the dough looked slightly wet and overproved after the first rise but not bad for a first attempt.

No Knead Bread

Although I have read about N0 Knead Bread before, I was inspired by Lucy at Attic24 to actually jump in and have a go. I had been put off previously by not having a suitable pot to bake the loaf in but, having recently acquired a beautiful new Pyrex Dutch Oven, now seemed the perfect time to have a go. And it worked! I will write more about my No Knead experience when I have experimented with a few loaves.Christmas Turkey Soup

We enjoyed my loaf with one of my favourite meals of the year – my mother’s Turkey Soup. She makes it with the carcass of our Christmas dinner with any scraps of meat and stuffing that have escaped the original feast, bubble and squeak dinners, curry and ploughmans lunches that are the traditional fare at this time of year. This soup envokes the best childhood memories. The frivolities are over, much fun and laughter has been had and endless food has been consumed. Time to enjoy this simple supper, a last attempt to hang on to the festive season before ‘real life’ resumes. (Thank you to my wonderful brother-in-law who kindly offered his services as hand model!)

Blue skies

In other news, the weather today was glorious. Stepping out this morning with the Little Man, the blue sky and sunshine made my heart sing. We have been so lucky to avoid some of the awful weather that has caused such difficulty and disruption for many over the Christmas period but the last few days have been rather dismal. Therefore the clear skies were a welcome change, giving us the chance to strech our legs and breathe in some much needed fresh air.

It was all so wonderful that I walked back the long way, enjoying the sunlight twinking over the water.

Sunny Lake

I even met a special visitor.


Can you see the heron sitting quietly in the centre of the picture? I love them so much – they look so human and seem to belong in a Beatrix Potter book. We spent many minutes eyeing each other up as I carefully sidled round to get a better view. Slowly… slowly… only one more step…


…and of course he flew off! So there you go, a picture of the heron’s wingspan. Hey ho!

See you tomorrow. x


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  1. quilt32

    Your bread looks wonderful and I love the beautiful china plate and bowl full of turkey soup.

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