Magic Moments 9/52

Greetings one and all. Okay, I know, this post is 3 weeks late but, as I said yesterday, I shall complete the 52 Weeks of Happy challenge, even if I do get a little behind occasionally. If you have forgotten where it all began, then check out my first Magic Moments post from January here.

 FairlawnsDo you remember the fancy meal that we enjoyed for my mom’s 60th birthday? (If not, see here for a reminder!) Well my dad’s birthday is in March so we decided to repeat the experience. As we had an offer for February the celebration was a little early but we didn’t let that bother us and it was all good fun! It was a doubly momentous evening as it was also the first time that we had left the Little Man with a ‘baby sitter’. My dear friend very kindly offered her services so, at 7 o’clock, I fed and placed him in his travel cot before slipping out. We had a wonderful evening, fabulous food and good company. When we got back the Little Man was still snoozing happily, bless him. Since a new born he has been used to being transported during the night so he had no problem resettling when we returned home. Such a special Friday evening but lovely to be back home with my baby!


Making the most of the weekend with another offer (we are saving the pennies at the moment!). We enjoyed a family outing, this time to the bowling alley. It was particularly memorable as I scored 100 in the first game which is a personal best. So proud! The Little Man also had a merry time with all the lights and noise, although he was desperate to take a trip down the alley himself.


Sometimes it’s the simple pleasures in life that are the best – a bowl juicy blackberries and natural yoghurt. Delicious. Okay, they’re not in season in Britain but these were reduced in the local shop and the Little Man does love his fruit.

Vege Snack

Afternoon snack time with the Little Man. Our weekends together are so precious and I love sitting at the table with him as he chatters away merrily over his food. He is such wonderful company and is changing and developing all of the time. So precious.

Will be back with my next Magic Moments post soon. xxx


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  1. quilt32

    So many happy things in this post. If your bowling is scored the same as in the U.S., I would also be happy with 100.

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