Spring Snow

Spring Snow 1

Greetings – Happy Spring! How are you all? Oh I have missed being here. Since my return to work the weeks have passed by in a blur.

Spring Snow 2

Rather like this photo, life appears to have become a little fuzzy as the days disappear at lightning speed and I am rushing hither and thither, not sure what to make of it all.

Spring Snow 3

On top of all that the weather here is putting us all in a tizz – green shoots were appearing, daffodils are all around then this. Ridiculous!

Snowy Lake

However I am trying to make the best of it and not let the grey skies get us down. If there is one thing that I am sure of right now it is that every moment of family time is precious and I am determined to make the most of it.

Snowy Tree

Yes, the ground is wet and slushy, the wind is biting and the sky is grey when it should be turning blue but there is always beauty to be found and fun to be had.

Snowy Tree 2

Yesterday we braved the unseasonal chill to take a short stroll in a local park. The Little Man is feeling a little delicate at the moment (snotty nose and teething, again!) and fresh air and a change of scene was just what the doctor ordered.

Snowy Tree 3

The landscape was rather monochrome but there was a brief splash of colour to be found on this moss covered tree. We ambled gently, enjoying the quiet stillness of the area whilst the Little Man looked out excitedly for dogs bounding about the place (dog walkers seemed to be the only other people battling the weather).


It was only a short excursion but fun was had by all. I took the handy excuse of carrying the Little Man to abstain from the snowball fights but we watched happily as the others hurled icy lumps through the air.

Snowy Playground

We ended with a trip to the play area. The Little Man was not quite sure what to make of being dumped unceremoniously in a pile of snow but he did enjoy a go on the swings and a bounce on the see-saw. Very simple but precious memories to be treasured as we dive back into another hectic week.

I am so sorry to have gotten behind on my Magic Moments. Determined as I am to keep it going throughout the year I know that I have to take things as they come at the moment and not let everything get on top of me. The photos are sitting waiting for me and I shall get around to compiling the posts as soon as possible.

I hope to be back very soon. Wishing you all a Merry Monday! 🙂



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3 responses to “Spring Snow

  1. quilt32

    We have also had a surprise snowfall over the weekend. I’m anxious for spring but have to admit that the snow-decked trees are beautiful, as are yours.

  2. What a difference in contrast…your little man in the snow and our little man in the sun…but they are BOTH adorable!!!

  3. I love the trees, and your little fellow looks adorable in the snow! My boys are teens now – time flies!

    Blessings ~ Wendy

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