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Saturday Morning

Sunny Window

Good morning! Ah, blue skies, how we have missed you! A bright and early start for the Little Man and I, we have enjoyed a few hours of peace and quiet, happy in each other’s company.

Dresser 1

In honour of the imminent arrival guests, I decided to embark upon a spot of morning cleaning with my little helper in tow.

Dresser 3

Dusting is a rare enough event in this house to be noteworthy. Although I do not often feel compelled to remove the layer of fluff from my ornaments (after a couple of weeks it doesn’t get any worse anyway, does it?!) I do enjoy the end results. It will make me smile everytime I look at these gleaming shelves full of prettiness over the next few days.

Dresser 2

Sweet as it is, I am not wholly sure that the Little Man is of great help in these situations. Now he is mobile his reach is rather impressive. Indeed it is rather alarming to see those chubby hands reach out and grab a precious trinket but oh so adorable when I look at his face light up with pride. ‘I’ve got it, mommy!’ He loves the dresser (why would I not want him to play with a cupboard full of cut glass, china and booze?!) and we have to keep a chair in front of the door to deter his curiousity.

Book 1

Once the household chores were over, we spent a bit of quiet time together.

Book 2

The Little Man is obsessed with books. From a young age we shared at least one story a day. Before he was mobile, we used to read during nappy off time on his change mat, primarily to keep his hands out of the way, but now he will happily sit on my lap whilst we read together.

Book 3

Books are also a favourite choice for the Little Man when he is playing alone and he will spend ages carefully working through the pages, staring at the pictures and jabbering away as he reads them.


It is now mid morning and I find myself now sitting on the sofa, looking around our home and feeling an overwhelming sense of contentment. How lucky I am.

Wishing you peace and happiness this weekend, x



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Magic Moments 9/52

Greetings one and all. Okay, I know, this post is 3 weeks late but, as I said yesterday, I shall complete the 52 Weeks of Happy challenge, even if I do get a little behind occasionally. If you have forgotten where it all began, then check out my first Magic Moments post from January here.

 FairlawnsDo you remember the fancy meal that we enjoyed for my mom’s 60th birthday? (If not, see here for a reminder!) Well my dad’s birthday is in March so we decided to repeat the experience. As we had an offer for February the celebration was a little early but we didn’t let that bother us and it was all good fun! It was a doubly momentous evening as it was also the first time that we had left the Little Man with a ‘baby sitter’. My dear friend very kindly offered her services so, at 7 o’clock, I fed and placed him in his travel cot before slipping out. We had a wonderful evening, fabulous food and good company. When we got back the Little Man was still snoozing happily, bless him. Since a new born he has been used to being transported during the night so he had no problem resettling when we returned home. Such a special Friday evening but lovely to be back home with my baby!


Making the most of the weekend with another offer (we are saving the pennies at the moment!). We enjoyed a family outing, this time to the bowling alley. It was particularly memorable as I scored 100 in the first game which is a personal best. So proud! The Little Man also had a merry time with all the lights and noise, although he was desperate to take a trip down the alley himself.


Sometimes it’s the simple pleasures in life that are the best – a bowl juicy blackberries and natural yoghurt. Delicious. Okay, they’re not in season in Britain but these were reduced in the local shop and the Little Man does love his fruit.

Vege Snack

Afternoon snack time with the Little Man. Our weekends together are so precious and I love sitting at the table with him as he chatters away merrily over his food. He is such wonderful company and is changing and developing all of the time. So precious.

Will be back with my next Magic Moments post soon. xxx

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Spring Snow

Spring Snow 1

Greetings – Happy Spring! How are you all? Oh I have missed being here. Since my return to work the weeks have passed by in a blur.

Spring Snow 2

Rather like this photo, life appears to have become a little fuzzy as the days disappear at lightning speed and I am rushing hither and thither, not sure what to make of it all.

Spring Snow 3

On top of all that the weather here is putting us all in a tizz – green shoots were appearing, daffodils are all around then this. Ridiculous!

Snowy Lake

However I am trying to make the best of it and not let the grey skies get us down. If there is one thing that I am sure of right now it is that every moment of family time is precious and I am determined to make the most of it.

Snowy Tree

Yes, the ground is wet and slushy, the wind is biting and the sky is grey when it should be turning blue but there is always beauty to be found and fun to be had.

Snowy Tree 2

Yesterday we braved the unseasonal chill to take a short stroll in a local park. The Little Man is feeling a little delicate at the moment (snotty nose and teething, again!) and fresh air and a change of scene was just what the doctor ordered.

Snowy Tree 3

The landscape was rather monochrome but there was a brief splash of colour to be found on this moss covered tree. We ambled gently, enjoying the quiet stillness of the area whilst the Little Man looked out excitedly for dogs bounding about the place (dog walkers seemed to be the only other people battling the weather).


It was only a short excursion but fun was had by all. I took the handy excuse of carrying the Little Man to abstain from the snowball fights but we watched happily as the others hurled icy lumps through the air.

Snowy Playground

We ended with a trip to the play area. The Little Man was not quite sure what to make of being dumped unceremoniously in a pile of snow but he did enjoy a go on the swings and a bounce on the see-saw. Very simple but precious memories to be treasured as we dive back into another hectic week.

I am so sorry to have gotten behind on my Magic Moments. Determined as I am to keep it going throughout the year I know that I have to take things as they come at the moment and not let everything get on top of me. The photos are sitting waiting for me and I shall get around to compiling the posts as soon as possible.

I hope to be back very soon. Wishing you all a Merry Monday! 🙂


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A Sunny Saturday


Evening all! I hope you have had a lovely weekend. We’ve been enjoying a bout of beautiful weather, bright sun and blue skies, giving hope that Spring is just around the corner. Above is the rather lovely view that I came home to this evening – soft, hazy light causing the surface of the water to shimmer and shine.

Blue Sky

Saturday was a particularly spectacular day – dazzlingly blue skies with a sun that gave off real heat. Now I am back at work, it is even more important to make the most of our valuable family time. I have decreed that we must have at least one proper outing at a weekend. This week we chose a trip to the park to soak up the rays and get a healthy dose of Vitamin D.

Sutton Park Picnic

We set up camp and brought out a quick picnic.

Courgette Picnic Scone

My Picnic Scone is becoming a firm favourite for such outings – quick, easy and transportable and the Little Man loves it! This time I decided to make a courgette version:

In a bowl put 200g self raising flour, 0.5 tsp bicarbonate of soda, and 1 heaped tsp each of paprika, rosemary and Dijon Mustard.

Add a small courgette, grated, and snip in 10 black olives.

Stir in 100g natural yoghurt and stir to combine.

Form into a ball and place on a lightly greased baking tray.

Flatten slightly, cut into wedges/chunks and sprinkle liberally with rosemary and grated cheese.

Bake at 200 °C for 20 – 25 mins. Leave to cool on a wire rack.

I even splashed out and made pudding – Microwaved Rhubarb Steam Sponge.

Rhubarb Steam Sponge

The method was based on this Pineapple Upside Down Cake that can be found on the rather  sweet Old Fashioned Values cookery site. Instead of pineapple I chopped 200g of rhubarb and a cooking apple, added 50g of sugar and microwaved it until soft. Placing this in the bottom of a buttered Pyrex bowl, I then made the sponge mixture (with the addition of a good tsp of mixed spice) and poured it over. It was a marvellous recipe – 10 minutes and you have a delicious dessert.

After lunch we spent a while enjoying the weather, lounging on the grass and being entertained by the Little Man who was chattering away merrily, whizzing about the place and demonstrating his walking prowess (he needs still needs to hold your fingers but can move his legs confidently on his own ).

Sutton Park

We finally managed to drag ourselves up and enjoyed a stroll through the park.


I loved light filtering through the trees.

Sutton Park Path

The afternoon ended with a cheeky (and probably unnecessary!) ice-cream. Afterall, what’s a picnic in the park without a Mr Whippy?!

Sutton Park Ice Cream


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