Magic Moments – 7/52

Hello! How are you? Health seems to have returned to the household and I am glad to report that we are all back in good spirits. Unfortunately the sickiness meant that I just wanted to curl up and hide away so this post is obviously rather late – I am only just squeezing it in before next week’s magic moments are due! – but I am determined to keep up the challenge all year. So here are my happy moments for week 7:


Ah, blue skies, how happy have I been to see the return of the sun this week. My lovely sister, Isobel, came to visit the Little Man so we all took a turn around the lakes to blow the cobwebs away. The break in the clouds gives hope that Spring is around the corner but, do not be deceived, it is cold out there!


Breakfast in bed and a lie in thanks to my wonderful husband. I always wake up at 7 to feed the Little Man and it is such a luxury to be able to hand him over to my hubby and snuggle back down occasionally. It’s the little things that make me feel so lucky to have him and our lovely family.


New bath toys! I spied these when out shopping and could not resist. The Little Man loves bath time and it is well established in our nighttime routine – dinner, bath, feed then bed. Even when we are out and about we try to still give him a little splash about.

This photograph is to signify home and the comfort it brings. It represents every time I’ve looked down at my precious Little Man this week and felt overwhelming love and happiness. So many magic moments when he is around.

Enjoy your magic moments this weekend. x



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6 responses to “Magic Moments – 7/52

  1. Abagail, I love how we BOTH have a “Little Man” in our lives…Happy weekend.

  2. Breakfast in bed looks lovely 🙂 Enjoy your Sunday!

  3. quilt32

    You have done such a good job in photographing and describing your magic moments. Beautiful.

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