Shrove Tuesday


Hello, hello, hello! So, Shrove Tuesday is here again so pancakes are once again on the menu (not quite on the scale of my Pancake Party, but still). We enjoyed Summer Fruit Scotch Pancakes as the Little Man prefers them to crêpes. He had them with fruit and yoghurt but we couldn’t resist a bit of ice-cream and toffee sauce. Yum.


Just a quick post today as illness has struck the household so I am tired! The poor Little Man is suffering somewhat with a cold so is rather off-kilter, even going off his food (shock horror!). A late night, regular wake ups and a final wake-up call of 6 means we’re both in need of a few more zzzzs tonight.

I hope to be back soon with an update of hooky happenings around here.




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2 responses to “Shrove Tuesday

  1. quilt32

    So sorry for all of you that Little Man isn’t feeling well. Hope you get some rest tonight.

    That’s a wonderful way to eat pancakes.

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