Magic Moments – 6/52


Greetings one and all, I hope this post finds you well and happy. As you can see, the snow returned again last night. This is not the thick covering we had a few weeks ago (see here) but rather English snow – grey and slushy, the sort that just makes you cold and damp.

Things have not been dull in our little lives, however, so there have been no shortage of simple pleasures that have made my week a happy one. Before I begin though, I noticed when scrolling though my previous ‘Magic Moments‘ posts that, at the beginning, I credited where I got the idea from but not where it originated.

The inspiration for the 52 weeks challenge came from Jen over at Little Birdie, so go and visit her lovely blog to see where it all began.

Without further ado, let’s see what has been making me happy this week…


On Thursday we enjoyed a wonderful visit to Birmingham Sealife Centre. The Little Man and his friend put their new found mobility to good use, inspecting the tanks eagerly and playing merrily in the soft play area whilst my friend and I marvelled at the rich array of sea creatures on display. The soft light and water made the whole experience incredibly relaxing whilst the vibrant colours of the fish and coral were a feast for the eyes.


Ah, the simple things are often the most important. My mother has become the proud owner of a new washing machine and tumble drier and kindly gifted the old models to me and my sister. My general standard of housekeeping is pretty low but one job I do enjoy is the laundry (this does not include ironing – life is too short). Since losing my second bedroom to the Little Man, however, I have been struggling to keep on top of it over Winter. I am therefore incredibly grateful to my lovely parents for their generosity.


Enjoying a Tequila Sunrise with friends. This weekend was so special as we travelled to Southport to enjoy a ‘Come Dine’ experience (a Tex Mex feast) with former colleagues. Even though people have moved away and we all teach at different schools it is amazing that we can still meet up regularly and it’s like we’ve never been apart.


Was it wet? Yes.
Was it cold? Yes.
Is it the middle of Winter? Yes but we were at the beach and it just has to be done! (Incidently, the beach in question was Crosby Beach where we went to see Antony Gormley’s ‘Another Place‘ – a series of lifesize metal men running along 2 km of the coastline and out to sea. It was a wonderful opportunity to see this piece of artwork in the flesh, emerging dramatically from the water as the tide receded, although it has to be said that the Little Man did not enjoy the experience!)



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6 responses to “Magic Moments – 6/52

  1. Isobel

    I love the spontaneously folded blanket being neatly placed in the tumble drier! The picture of the sea life centre is fantastic!x

  2. mommy

    Lovely to follow your highlights as usual, and the pictures are wonderful xx

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