A Pancake Party


Greetings all. After an extremely grey day I was excited to see the clouds part as evening fell. Grabbing my camera, I ran across the road to capture the golden light.


Unfortunately, by the time I arrived, the sun had already disappeared but the sky was beautiful nonetheless.


May I begin by thanking you for your kind coments on my last post. I am feeling better today, though still enjoying the odd slice of cake for comfort.

This was the end of Saturday’s Chocolate Cola Cake. Always a crowd pleaser I love this recipe – cheap and easy but the results are superb. As I don’t drink fizzy pop I keep a bottle of flat cola in the pantry just for this cake! The topping is fantastic but, sticking to my resolution to try new recipes, I chose to make a toffee frosting for a change. This turned out to be a stroke of inspiration as it was not quite so rich as the usual icing.


Saturday’s baking was not just for fun. The cake was to be the final course at my ‘Pancake Party’. The idea was simple – food would all revolve around the theme of pancakes. ‘So what did we have?’ I hear you cry.

There were:


Blinis covered with soured cream and topped with a basil leaf and Parma ham.


Mini Yorkshire puddings (baked in a fairy cake tray) filled with horseradish mash and finished with chipolatas.


Crêpes stuffed with salmon and spinach. In fact, these were so good that I feel I must share the recipe:

Mix flaked salmon with a white sauce flavoured with Dijon mustard and dill.
Place spinach leaves and the fish mixture down the centre of a crêpe, roll up then sprinkle with Parmesan or any other grated cheese).
Bake in a moderate oven for 30 minutes. (They can be made in advance then heated before serving).


Incidently, if you substitute fried mushrooms for the fish and flavour with paprika rather than dill these make a tasty vegetarian dish.


Anyway, back to the party. As well as savoury pancakes we had piles of blueberry scotch pancakes and crêpes. Over these we drizzled sugar, lemon, toffee sauce, sugar sprinkles, chocolate curls and ice-cream.



It was a marvellous evening and great fun was had by all. I am quite taken with the idea of cooking around a theme and feel that I shall have to organise another gathering soon. Any ideas for a theme?

Abigail x



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6 responses to “A Pancake Party

  1. Isobel

    It was rather wonderful…those salmon pancakes – YUM!! And the chocolate cola cake, always a winner, so moist…mmm i could do with that for comfort now with my poorly leg!!x

  2. quilt32

    You have such wonderful ideas. Everything looks so delicious.

  3. I am so hungry after reading this post☺ The party looked so fun and yummy!

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