An Emotional Day


Ah, just what you need on a day like this. As the title of this post suggests, I am feeling a little delicate today and, at such times, a bit of comfort eating is just what the doctor ordered.

In fact, today’s snack was no ordinary treat. This was a slice of celebration cake from The Ritz – delicious sponge filled with slices of sweet mango, juicy raspberries and rich vanilla cream. Amazing.


So why am I feeling emotionally drained today?

Yesterday the Little Man and I took a trip to somewhere new – his nursery. Today, it was the first time I left him there alone. Oh my.

Now, don’t get me wrong, he had a wonderful time. He was beaming when I left him and was just as happy when I returned an hour later. However, it has brought home to me that, as of next Friday, I shall be back at work and will have to leave my precious Little Man. Cue the tears.

How am I going to cope without him? How will I possibly complete my work without compromising my home life? All of these issues have suddenly become so real. I miss my baby just thinking about it.


This photograph is also bringing a lump to my throat as well as joy to my heart. This is the Little Man’s first piece of artwork that he was brought home. I am so proud. My baby painting (he is teething so wouldn’t stop eating the paint brush, hence the handprints!).


Unfortunately this photo session did remind me of how awful the border is on my Elmer Blanket. It was the first edging that I had ever done and inexperience is evident in the results. It is too narrow and there are too many stitches which has warped the squares and causes the sides to ruffle.

Must sort sometime but, for now, I feel bed calling. Back soon, x



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15 responses to “An Emotional Day

  1. Mommy

    This made me all emotional too. Enjoy the times you do do have with him – that is what counts. Thinking of you xx

    • quilt32

      I can well understand your emotions at a time like this. But the time you are with him will be even more special and I’m sure both of you will be so busy spending your days working and being excellent at whatever you do.

      • Thank you! Yes, I think he’ll get a lot out of being with other adults and children and doing his activities. We shall have to make the most of our evenings and weekends. Abigail x

    • I know, and at least he’ll have a wonderful time with you and dad and his daddy. x

  2. Oh Abi, I feel for you – I remember those first days of Little One going to nursery and the idea of returning to work. I remember soooo not wanting to go, but once I had it was actually much better than I imagined and quite refreshing to have the balance of work, baby & craft. I hope you get through it, I think often we miss the babies more than they miss us/we want them to miss us! Hope you feel better tomorrow. Hugs x

    • Thank you, it makes me feel better when others say it gets better! I agree that I will no doubt find it harder than him – he didn’t notice I’d gone today until I went back. We’ll all get into the swing of things soon, I’m sure! Abigail x

  3. No experience on the nursery front but I know from seeing my sister dealing with the same issue that you will get used to it 🙂 Until then, plenty of tea and cake seems the way forward. And your blanket looks lovely by the way x

  4. Isobel

    Abi, i’m sitting at work crying here!! You’ll be fine, as will your little man. I miss him everyday i don’t see him lol! Great work of art. love you, big hug xxx

  5. Oh bless you – leaving your baby is so hard. Sending you hugs xxx

  6. My daughter struggled with this issue just last week. She moved to Texas and had to find him a daycare/nanny situation after being home with him for a month during the moving transition. It is SO hard to leave you loved one. I am only a grandma now and it hurts me to see him be left.

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