Magic Moments – 5/52

Hello my lovlies, here we are again. Week 5 of 2013 and we’ve moved into the second month of the year. Here are a few highlights of the last 7 days…


A wonderful few minutes making the most of the Winter sunshine. A bit wobbly for the first few swings, the Little Man was soon having a great time, giggling madly and wanting to go higher and higher.

Our trip to the playground followed a marvellous swimming trip where he demonstrated that he can now kick and keep himself above the water for minutes when holding onto the side. Clever boy!


This is my incredible new teapot and it is making me happy every time I see it. Originally destined for the charity shop my mom rescued it from a friend knowing that I would give it a home. It is now living happily on my dresser and I love it!


A very special bit of me time – soaking in the tub, candles lit, iPlayer on and a warm cointreau and drambuie thanks to my darling hubby. Perfect!


This week ended on a high as we journeyed up to London. Remember my mom’s 60th birthday back in October? To mark the occasion she chose to fulfil a lifelong ambition – to partake of Afternoon Tea at the Ritz. Dressing up and entering into the spirit of the event, it was a truly magical moment and one I am sure my mother shall not forget.

What has been making you happy this week? x


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6 responses to “Magic Moments – 5/52

  1. quilt32

    I’m happy just seeing all of your wonderful pictures and reading the stories behind them. How wonderful to celebrate your mother’s birthday with tea at the Ritz. My daughters were able to enjoy this about 15 years ago, but I’ve never had the chance.

    And on top of this, Little Man can swim? Astounding.

  2. Tea at the Ritz! How exciting 🙂 and anything new regarding tea is always reason to be happy!

  3. All of us girls went to the Ritz at Christmas last year for High Tea. It was quiet the experience…one I won’t forget for a long time. New follower♥

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