Magic Moments – 4/52

Oh I do enjoy these posts, scrolling back through photographs and reliving so many magic moments. So here is what has been making me happy this week…


A gift from my father-in-law, my beautiful birthday tulips have been making me smile all week. Dazzling white when the sun shines, I just love their simple beauty.


On Sunday, I made hubby and I the most amazing sandwich. The remaining haggis (from our Burns Night supper) sprinkled over 1/3 of a baked camembert (the local store selling off Christmas stock) all sandwiched between two pieces of seed-filled bread and toasted on a hot griddle. Incredible!


This pile of delights is the result of a shopping trip with my mom and the Little Man. See that charming peacock to the left there? I bet you cannot guess what that box is.

Give up?

That is my newly acquired musical soap box, and I mean that literally. How wonderful is that?! The soap is less than incredible but I am thinking of removing that and using the box as a musical earring chest. There were, however, many intoxicating soaps that we spent far too long sniffing, the best of which I bought to place in my drawers.


This week has been full of milestones for the Little Man. All of a sudden he can now crawl (nothing is safe!), pull himself up to standing (he is desperate to walk) and kiss people (awwww!). So many changes in such a short space of time. The first time I looked around to see him standing by the sofa was a truly unforgettable moment.

Wishing you all many moments of happiness this week, xx



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6 responses to “Magic Moments – 4/52

  1. quilt32

    So many pretty things and that gorgeous sandwich! Of course, the best is Little Man standing by the sofa.

  2. Beautiful flowers! Good luck with the crawling!

  3. A musical soapbox! Briliant 🙂 And the haggis sandwich looks good…we had a much smaller haggis than usual and were very disappointed that we didn’t have leftovers. In Glasgow they like to put it on pizza – it can be a surprisingly good combination!

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