Magic Moments – 3/52


Greetings! Apologies that this post is a day late but yesterday was my birthday so celebrating took centre stage! As ever I shall stick by the trusty adage ‘better late than never’ so here are my magic moments for week 3 of 2013:


As you know, I do not usually show face-shots on this blog but this photograph just had to be shared. This was minutes after my gorgeous Little Man returned from his first ever trip to the barber. It brings a lump to my throat just thinking about how my darling baby is growing up. Truly magical.


This week has been all about the snow, all the more special because it was the Little Man’s first experience of the white stuff.


The cold weather makes snuggling up of an evening for a bit of hooky all the more pleasant. My hexighan (see here and here) is temporarily on hold as I have started a new project that has an important deadline. More about that soon!


We end with my birthday which was just full of magic. The weather meant that celebrations with friends had to be postponed so it was a quiet affair with the family but none the less enjoyable for it. I had requested fish & chips and cake and was delighted to receive a delicious carrot cake made by my sister as well as those adorable cup cakes from my mother. It was perfect and I felt very special. πŸ™‚



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3 responses to “Magic Moments – 3/52

  1. quilt32

    Happy birthday – oh, those cupcakes and carrot cake, too!

    Little Man has to be one of the most beautiful people in the world.

  2. Ah, Happy Birthday! Cakes look yummy πŸ™‚ xx

  3. Happy Birthday for yesterday! Looks like a lovely day. I remember the first time I cut Littlest Boys hair, I actually cried!!!!! Your secret project sounds very exciting πŸ™‚ Sx

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