Magic Moments – 2/52

Hello all, lovely to see you here on Rosy Hill. This post has been on my mind a lot lately, whenever I’ve done a little sigh of contentment or laughed merrily at life. How do I choose just 4 special moments in such a fun filled week?


1. A spectacular sunrise on our first morning at the loch. Yes, I admit it heralded an atrocious day weatherwise but it started with a moment of peace and awe. I was up early with the Little Man and we were snuggling in the enclosed balcony when my mother joined us with a cup of tea. It was quiet, tranquil and beautiful and we watched for 25 minutes as the sky slowly lightened, the grey becoming tinged with pink until the whole sky was dashed with vivid pinks and oranges.


2. Savouring a slice of toffeelicious cake in the adorable Treats Cafe, Kinloch Rannoch. Feeling tired but virtuous after climbing the mountain, the cake tasted all the more amazing for being earned for once.


3. A proud moment as the final piece was fitted. It has been a long time since I did a jigsaw and we really got the bug this week – 3 completed in record time. Roll on our 3,000 piece epic journey when we return home!


4. Enjoying the feast at Khublai Khan’s Mongolian Restaurant. After 8 years of hearing about how much we love this place, the pressure was on taking my parents and sister there for the first time. We need not have worried – they loved it! So much so we visited on the way to and from Loch Rannoch. We had a fabulous time, as always, with delicious food and wonderful service on both occasions but the real highlight was seeing the Little Man chomp away on wild boar, venison, mixed game, zebra, ostrich, springbok and kangaroo. Not a bad selection for a 9 month old!

I hope you have had many magic moments this week, x



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4 responses to “Magic Moments – 2/52

  1. quilt32

    Beautiful sunrise and beautiful piece of cake. I’m amazed at how much Little Man has accomplished in 9 months, including eating some food I never even considered.

  2. Mommy

    Lovely memories. Good to hear KK was just as good second time in a week!! Look forward to seeing no.1 grandson again. Mommy xx

  3. That sunrise is spectacular and the cake is making me feel hungry……mmm. Just got time to whip up an apple crumble for pudding 🙂 x

  4. So pleased that you enjoyed your visit to Loch Rannoch – we love it here and like to be able to share our special places with others. Glad to hear that you enjoyed your “toffeelicious” super delicious cake at Treats – super sweet and a super reward for mountain adventures! Hope to see you again!

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