I love this picture. Not because it is particularly good or interesting but because it holds so many memories. Not only does it remind me of our lovely stroll around Edinburgh last Friday but it also represents all of the other times we have visited the city over the last 8 years.

This time was particularly special as it was the Little Man’s first trip to Scotland. We were visiting en route to our holiday destination of Loch Rannoch but decided to break the journey here. My lovely father-in-law was particularly obliging as we (hubby, me, the Little Man, my sister, her fiance and my parents) took over his home.


Over the years we have done many of the tourist attractions in and around Edinburgh but it has been a long time since I just wandered around the streets admiring the architecture and soaking up the convivial atmosphere. This time, however, we did just that.


We walked along the Royal Mile where the statues and spires were framed by a beautifully blue sky. Above is the particularly striking St. Giles Cathedral, with its crown topped spire that can be seen for miles around, and below is the former ‘Tron Kirk’.


No longer used for worship I believe that it served as a venue for last Summer’s Fringe Festival.

This is another picture that brings back fond memories. Soon after hubby and I began dating he returned home to celebrate Christmas with his family. As requested, he took some photographs of his travels, one of which was very similar to this. Unsure as to what it actually was I labelled it as ‘House on the Hill’. Imagine my surprise when hubby informed me that this was actually Edinburgh Castle!


Of course, the castle does look somewhat more impressive from the other side, standing sentinel over the city, but we do share a giggle whenever we see it.


In the centre of town the Christmas Fayre was still in full force, having remained for the Hogmanay celebrations. We took the opportunity to stop for refreshment in the form of a hot mulled cider.

Nearby, Scott was sat on his plinth, imperious as always, although looking somewhat incongruous amongst the flashing lights and fake snow.


The Scott Monument is one of my favourite structures in Edinburgh, standing proud and tall in all its Gothic glory (according to here it is the tallest monument to a writer in the world). We climbed it on my first ever trip and the views from the top are amazing, even if they were accompanied by gale force winds.

The sun was setting as we ambled back to the car and the city skyline was silhouetted before us. So quiet, so peaceful. A lovely stroll in a lovely city. x

Eta the photographs which had disappeared!


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  1. quilt32

    Thank you for this beautiful stroll around Edinburgh. As always, your pictures are wonderful.

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