Magic Moments – 1/52

Happy New Year! Hope 2013 has started well for all of you, my lovely readers.

After seeing Heather’s and Jacquie’s recent posts I have decided to embrace the current craze running through the blogosphere which involves appreciating the magic moments in life. Every week I shall choose 4 snapshots that represent happy times during the last 7 days. The challenge for me shall be limiting the post to only 4 photographs but I shall do my best, so here goes!


The New Year was heralded in with a decadent trio of chocolate mousse made by my lovely sister. (The recipe came from this rather delicious book). The ‘big night’ was spent at her soon to be brother-in-law’s house where we enjoyed a relaxed, friendly evening with yummy food, games and plenty of Christmas sock appreciation.


I cannot tell you how much I love my new dresser. Having been struck down with serious furniture envy after seeing reading about Jacquie’s recent acquisition, my wonderful husband helped me acquire this fabulous piece from Ebay. Hours of pleasure have been spent bringing out my husband’s family china, decking it out with tinsel and baubles and generally just gazing in adoration at its splendour.


Every week is full of magic moments courtesy of the Little Man and this week was no exception. Having suffered from a tooth explosion recently he is now the proud owner of 5 1/2 pearly white pegs. This week he put these weapons into action by devouring a whole apple. I could have exploded with pride as I watched my beautiful boy (9 months yesterday) nibbling away curiously at attacking this exciting new food. Bless.


Finally, a moment of peace and tranquility as the sun began to set over Edinburgh. More about that next time. xxxx



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2 responses to “Magic Moments – 1/52

  1. quilt32

    As always, the pictures are so wonderful. I love the dresser and all that space to display your pretties. I also love the bib that Little Man is wearing – I’ve never seen one like that. Looking forward to more about Edinburgh.

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