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A Diary of December


Well, hello and season’s greeting to you all! It is wonderful to be here. December appears to have flown by in a flurry of activity. So much going on, so much fun but, oh, I have missed you all! Not only have I missed you, the lovely visitors to Rosy Hill, but I have got behind on my blog reading too. So many lovely posts to catch up on and so much to share with you all.

Let me start with a picture from 3 o’clock this afternoon:

Camembert Floor Picnic

That was our floor picnic, a rich a creamy round of baked camembert with toast. Simple and utterly delicious, the sort of decadent treat that makes this time of year so special.

Birmingham Christmas Market

I do love the Christmas season. For a number of years now the festivities have begun with the arrival of the Frankfurt Christmas Market in Birmingham city centre. Rows and rows of gorgeous little wooden huts full of colourful toys, beautiful crafts, tasty foods from around the world and delicious sweet treats. I just love it all.

Birmingham Christmas Market

Yes, admittedly, it gets busy and Friday evenings are frankly unbearable. However, this year I have had the luxury of visiting with the Little Man at more peaceful times where we could enjoy the sights and smells without removing the skin off the ankles of the person in front.

Sheepskin Booties

The Little Man loved this place. All of the people, the noises, the lights – he was mesmerised by it all but, most of all, he enjoyed the food. For me, that is what the market is all about. Quite handy as he had the opportunity to try A LOT of it!

Ham Baguette

During our many visits with various family and friends we managed to savour sweet & salty ham in a crusty baguette, spicy German sausages in soft rolls, reindeer burgers with caramelised onions, ostrich burgers with blue cheese, crispy fried potatoes with succulent mushrooms and, hubby’s and my annual favourite…

Garlic Bread

the garlic bread! I simply adore this stuff! Ciabatta rolls halved and slathered in garlic sauce. Nom nom! I enjoy mine plain but, as you can see, hubby prefers to go the whole hog and add cheese and pepperoni. All of this comes before the freshly baked sugared doughnuts, light and fluffy poffertjes (mini Dutch pancakes) sprinkled in cinnamon sugar, fruity marshmallows covered in chocolate and sweet and sticky toffee apples on sticks. Can you tell how much I love it there?!

Of course, after all of this, I am in need of a little refreshment. Hot cider with brandy? Yes please!

The Bull, Birmingham

Much fun while it lasted but probably best that it has gone now for the sake of both my waistband and my wallet.

Thank you so much for joining me here on Rosy Hill. I shall be back soon with more tales from the festive season. xxxxx



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Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas one and all! I hope it’s a good one. Normal blogging shall resume later this week. Best wishes for the festive season, 😀 xxxxxx



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