Sing a Song of Sunset

4:15 pm Saturday evening. My lovely sister and her hubby-to-be were entertaining the Little Man when I looked up and this glorious sunset caught my eye. I rushed outside to revel in the spectacular show.

To the South the sky was blushing a delicate rose…

…whereas golden yellow flames dashed the sky to the West:

Let me take you through the trees and around the lake.

The colours, the ducks, the symmetry. So beautiful, so peaceful, so memorable. Thank you for sharing this experience with me. 🙂



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8 responses to “Sing a Song of Sunset

  1. quilt32

    We never get skies like that in the midwest US. At least, not here in southwest Ohio. Simply beautiful.

  2. maddy61

    What gorgeous pics, really splendid, thanks.

  3. Awesome photos! They look amazing. (I finally got round to leaving a comment!)

  4. Spectacular is right! Great captures!
    –John R.:

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