Today is an exciting day. Two years ago to the day my darling hubby and I were wed and what a two years it has been! I never expected that we would be spending our second wedding anniversary sitting in our own lovely home whilst our gorgeous little man sleeps upstairs. So many happy memories of this special day and so many more happy memories have been created over the last 24 months.

I have loved looking through the photos to choose which ones to put on here. Maybe I shall share some more sometime. Would you like to see some more snaps from our wedding album?

Anyway, moving on. The weather man must have been listening yesterday as the grey finally broke up and we had a really beautiful day weatherwise. The morning was bright and sunny but, by early afternoon, the clouds had set in and were making amazing patterns over the blue.

What is more, the sun soon reappeared low in the sky, illuminating the clouds.

Just beautiful!

Now, I promised you some hooky talk today. This was the Hexighan last time I shared it with you here:

and this is how it looks now:

Not exactly stellar progress you may say, and you would be correct. But there is more to the story than meets the eye! Now, you may remember that this blanket is part of a Patchwork Granny CAL but I was somewhat slipping behind. However, I got up a wake up call after watching the lovely Fiona over at Knit Knat Knot quickly complete her adorable Cath Kidston inspired afghan by taking part in a ‘One a Day’ challenge (check out the finished item here). Hmm, I thought, I can do that. One little hexagon each day? Easy!

So, ‘Where are they?’ I hear you cry! See that squishy bag at the back of the picture? That is choc full of four round hexagons waiting to be attached to the blanket.

You see, what takes the time is not the creation of the hexagons but the colour planning. I can sit and hook whilst chattering to the little man but I cannot concentrate on balancing colours whilst ensuring that he is safe and happy. So I now have a bag of hooky shapes waiting to be joined together. All I need is an hour in daylight to create my plan of attack and photograph it so that I can blitz the joining. Hubby is working long days this week so this will have to wait til Friday. However, I hope to make real progress in the next week and have a sizable blanket to show you next week. That’s the plan anyway!

Why this must wait until hubby is around became apparent within minutes of taking the above photo:

As I have told you before, little man does love yarn and he decided to join in the party. My poor blanket was treated quite roughly.

Hexagons were unravelled:

Yarn was snatched…


and generally smooshed:


Yes, blanket planning is going to be a mommy only job! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



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8 responses to “Hexighan

  1. quilt32

    So glad to hear that you had a beautiful day. We weren’t directly affected by the monster hurricane Sandy but did get a very grey dismal day and even a little snow.

    Those adorable knees on Little Man are just too much!

  2. lynnr40

    Looks good so far !! I understand completely the little hands that get into the yarn. Our 8 month old grandson lives with us and it’s like he has radar for my yarn LOL. needless to say I don’t get much crocheting done any more and it has to be small items. If I would pull out an afghan he would unravel faster then I could crochet. Can’t wait to see the finished project !!

  3. Vicki

    Hey Abi

    I’d forgotten how similar a path our lives had taken – we celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary last Thursday and we too remarked on what an amazing 2 years it had been not least including now having our 4 month old little girl!

    Hope you’re all well and mass destruction to your blanket is being avoided

    Vicki x

  4. Love the hexagons! Can’t wait to see how it grows! Really want to start a new blanket myself, just as soon as my current one is finished!!

    • Thank you, it is an enjoyable project and I will have made good progress to show you next week! It is so tempting to keep starting new projects when you see everybody else’s work. 🙂 Good luck with your blanket. Abigail x

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