Seasons Change

There can only be one word to describe the weather around here of late: DULL

The view from my window appears to have lost its colour. This photo was taken at 12.31 yesterday. Midday yet it looks like nighttime is imminent.

It all started last Sunday. This was the third foggy Sunday in a row but, unlike the previous two weeks, the view was not temporarily shrouded in an ethereal mist but completely obscured by a dense fog.

This picture really plays with my mind. The trees are so clear then there should be a view but there is…Nothing! Weird.

It did not feel like my lake. It was so bizarre – I felt like I was on a film set. The ducks looked as if they were fleeing and the cawing of the crows seemed ominous in the quiet cloud.

Fast forward one week and I do not think the sky has been seen since. Yes the view has reappeared…

…but the rich vibrancy of Autumn is losing its grip.

The leaves are falling and the colours are muting.

Over this last week the light has not so much been bouncing off the shimmering ripples but has been consumed by the murky water.

Do not think I am complaining. There is something comforting about this metamorphosis from sapphire blue skies and the diamonds dancing over the lake to these steely grey skies and crunchy brown floors. It indicates a transition from trees shrouded in gold to bare, sculptural branches. After a Summer where the weather did not behave as it should it is good to know that we are passing through the seasons as they should be.

Sometime soon the dull skies will lift and the blue will return. Admitedly not the deep blues that denote the warmth of the Summer sun but the light, icy blue that will herald the beginning of Winter and I personally cannot wait. A new season, new skies, a new view.

To finish I wanted to enhance the rather dismal palette of this post by injecting a splash of vibrant colour:

There is no reason for this photo. He is just too cute for me not to put him on here! (Yes, I know he has a pink top on but it came in a pack of 5 and I wanted the other colours. Waste not, want not and all that).

The Little Man is an eBay baby and here he is showing off a few of his new trinkets from a toy bundle that I recently purchased. I felt that, as he is getting older, he needed some more stimulation from his playthings. He I was getting bored with playing with the same few rattling animals day in, day out. This was all well and good but have you seen the price of baby toys these days?! Ridiculous. So for the princely sum of £28 we are now the proud owners of a vast quantity of noisy, flashing, colourful bits of plastic that should keep him/me occupied for a while. That’s Christmas sorted anyway!

Come back soon to find out what’s the news in the world of woolly hexagons. 🙂 xxxxxxxxx



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2 responses to “Seasons Change

  1. quilt32

    I love the grey and brown tones in your pictures. Our part of the USA (southwest Ohio) must have very similar weather to yours. You could have been describing my neighborhood – without the lake.

    Little Man looks so happy with all of his wonderful toys.

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