Greetings all! Hope you are all well. How is it Thursday already? This week has been one of those speedy ones where I find myself losing track of the days. However, I did say I would show you the second part our Sunday so here goes!

As hubby had a long weekend we decided to make the most of the return of warmth and sunshine by taking a day trip. As members of the National Trust we often find ourselves turning to their list of historic houses and estates when we fancy a change of scene. On Sunday we chose Shugborough Estate as our destination.

Actually run by Staffordshire County Council, Shugborough has come a long way since I visited it on a school trip over ten fifteen years ago and I can thoroughly recommend it as an enjoyable day out. It is split into two parts – the park farm, walled garden and craft workshops in one area then the house, gardens and arboretum in another.

As we had paid extra to visit the Georgian Park Farm we spent a lot of time around here. There are a whole host of friendly and knowledgable staff dressed in costume demonstrating traditional crafts including cheese making, spinning, cooking, crochet, woodwork, basket weaving gardening, glass blowing and ironmongery (does this sound better than blacksmithing?!).

There is also a working water mill, complete with miller and a rather bizarre and extensive museum about all aspects of historic country living. I loved their displays of Corn Dollys:

I thought I had taken loads of photos to accompany this account. I realise now that what I actually have is lots of photos of my gorgeous little man and a slightly strange, patchwork collection of snaps of the some items that I managed to focus on when I was not talking to/playing with/feeding/changing/wrestling with the baby!

Having him in tow does change day trips like this. It slows us down, means we cannot linger so long, cannot read all the signs, need to pause to deal with his needs. However for anything that is lost he adds ten times more enjoyment. He is so lovely, so cute, so much FUN! I am lucky to have such a wonderful husband who also feels like this and is besotted with him so, what used to be dates, are now fun filled family days out and all the more enjoyable they are for this.

Next it was picnic time. Hubby does love a rummage through the going off counter and so today’s fare was reduced price pizza (with extra cheese, peppers, anchovies and olives) and cookies. We have got into the habit of sharing a small bottle of bubbly on these outings. A very enjoyable touch of decadence, especially on a wonderfully sunny day like this was.

After a very long, lazy lunchtime we decided that it would be a shame to waste our last couple of hours in the house when the grounds were beckoning.

You all know how I feel now about leaves and water so this walk was the happiest time of the day for me. So peaceful, so beautiful, so happy.

We had a marvellous day and we shall be back soon to discover the delights of the house and servants’ quarters. For now though, this trip was pretty perfect. xxx



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3 responses to “Shugborough

  1. quilt32

    Everything you do seems to be so much fun, made even more so by the Little Man. I would love to see a place like this – and, of course, the lunch topped off by the bubbly was perfect.

    • My brother and sister in law live ten minutes away from Shugborough – I know they’ve mentioned they like to pop in for a walk, feed the ducks etc but they hadn’t mentioned the working farm etc! It looks a great place to spend the day, I love places like that. Never managed to have bubbly on picnics though, definitely have to aim for that!

      • You should definitely go sometime! It is wonderful and I look forward to visiting the house, although that may have to wait until it reopens in the Spring.
        As for the picnic bottle of bubbly, I can heartily recommend it! 🙂

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