Misty Morning

I looked out of the morning yesterday and a beautiful sight greeted my eyes. The lake opposite was shrouded with a cloudy mist. This was not the thick fog that was about last Sunday but a much more delicate haze. I grabbed the little one, wrapped him up and popped him in the wrap and off we went.

I must admit that our morning routine is usually pretty relaxed. The little man wakes up around seven before joining us for a feed and a cuddle for as long as he is happy. By the time we are all fed and dressed and nap time’s done, it is often late morning before we get moving. To be out and about for 8 o’clock is pretty good going! This was a morning not to be missed though and I am so glad we made the effort.

The mist was rising off the lake in swirls – the effect was positively ethereal. It reminded me of the hot mud pools in Rotorua, New Zealand, as if the pond was full of boiling water.

As usual, little man was mesmerised by the shapes moving all around him, watching the light twinkle on the water and the reflections dance around.

As we walked down towards the river the mist was still lying thickly over the playing fields as the sun was rising higher in the sky.

It was so quiet and peaceful down here, even more so than around the lake as it feels more secluded. The little man and I met only a handful of dog walkers the whole time we were out.

This was the first frost of the season so the grass was twinkling and crystals were clinging to the leaves. The scene was so beautiful but shining silvers can come out as nothing more than white and grey when photographed. What is more, good snaps require getting down close and personal with individual leaves and branches which is not easy when I have 20 lbs strapped to my front. For some reason he does not appreciate being flung around and turned upside down in the name of photography! Ah well.

We finished out stroll on the edge of the second lake as I was in dire need of revival in the form of tea and toast! The surface was covered in ducks and geese, all calling good morning to one another. The noise was incredible!

As we arrived home, the sun had burned through the mist and the lake was clear. A wonderful day was dawning, warm and bright. All of that beauty and we were back before 9 o’clock, ready for a day full of glorious weather and family fun.

That, however, will have to wait as my bed is calling (once I have done the washing up and hung the nappies out to dry!). See you soon, xxxxx


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  1. quilt32

    You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area and to be able to take your baby out and photograph it. Wonderful pictures.

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