Cheese and Apple Scones

Aw, aren’t they gorgeous? We’ve been out and about today again. My friend and I have been giving our arms and legs a workout trying to push our buggies around a local park. When I was younger, I lived in the north of the city and some of my friends lived in the south. There was never any reason to venture into the east of the city (except to visit our Grandad, of course, but he always came out with us towards our house). Since moving here we have continued to visit the haunts of my childhood and adolescence but now I am getting to know the local area a bit better. So today we visited the small farm nestled amid green fields and muddy, tree-lined paths. We had a lovely five and a half hours of buggy walking, animal viewing and picnicing. Marvellous.

My friend had made these Peanut Butter Brownies by Rachel Allen (slightly modified as her partner took it upon himself to ‘adapt’ the shopping list!).  I love peanut butter and these were the height of decadence. Dangerously moreish, hence the little corner missing!

However, she was not the only one that had been baking…

I awoke this morning feeling full of energy and ready to go so I left hubby and the little man snoozing and rushed into the kitchen. Before I went to sleep last night I was overcome by a sudden desire to bake cheese and apple scones. I had never had these before but a quick Google search brought up this promising looking recipe.

A further search taught me that cornmeal is sold as polenta in Britain, of which I had none, so I used wholemeal flour as a substitute and added in a teaspoon of dijon mustard for extra flavour. The only other change I made was to leave a bit of the cheese to sprinkle on top of the scones before baking.

These scones were incredible. Seriously, the best savoury scones I have ever eaten (even if I do say so myself!).

Even little man enjoyed some for his dinner.

I’m not sure we burned more calories than we consumed but it’s better to break even than indulge whilst sitting still, don’t you think? That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!



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6 responses to “Cheese and Apple Scones

  1. I’m definitely going to give these scones a try. I love the pic of the little chubby cheeks!

  2. Thank you, he is a cutie pie! You should definitely try the scones – they’re delicious. Abigail x

  3. Cheese scones are my favourite, what a great idea to add in apple. Another scone I like is the olive and parmesan ones in Delia Smith’s Christmas Cook Book. I agree, they are far better if you have that cheesy topping too. Your pictures remind me I have a length of that gorgeous retro flowers material that needs using…I had a plan for that too! It looks good as a tablecloth Fiona

  4. quilt32

    So many cute pictures but, of course, my favorite has to be those little checks full of scones. I’m going to check out that recipe.

  5. Glad you enjoyed the scones – the idea of adding mustard sounds excellent – and I love your floral table cloth too. Sounds like a lovely walk

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