Lazy Strolling

I apologise for the lack of hooky business around here lately but, truthfully, I have not got much to share. Time is at a premium and crochet cannot compete with other more pressing needs at the moment. However I hope this picture will assure you that there are precious moments of wool appreciation going on in the background when I can snatch a minute.


As you can see, slowly but surely one hexagon joins another and a psychedelic beehive is appearing. I love the shape and all of the colours singing together. I am not going to stress about the slow progress – it is a marathon, not a sprint.

As the little man gets older, I recognise how important it is for him to socialise and be stimulated in a variety of ways. I am therefore attending more activity groups, which he loves. New people, new places, his eyes light up and he wants to explore everything. Tuesdays, however, are free days. For me, this was wonderful as last week was so action packed I welcomed a lazy day. I can sit at home and amuse myself quite happily. Some days, the little man does not mind. Not today though. His teeth were obviously annoying him and, when playing on his mat, he would roll over onto his front and sob into the floor, too exhausted to flip himself back over. Bless. I had no option, we had to get out.

The weather today has been a mixed bag but, to be fair, the sun has appeared at regular intervals, the rain has held off and it was not particularly chilly so a good day to get out and about. Indeed, I should have been out and about. Although I originally did not want to move, once I had heaved myself outside I was really pleased to be in the fresh air. Having a baby is a bit like having a dog – they have to get out of the house which in turn means you have to get out, even if you otherwise wouldn’t, and you end up appreciating your daily constitutionals (although at least with a baby I can skip it if it’s pouring!).

Our destination was predictable – round the back of the lake opposite and down to the river which leads to the larger lake. Little man was looking this way and that, staring at the leaves. He was so happy, grinning away when I sang to him and laughing out loud when I sneezed! It was brilliant fun. We didn’t go for a walk like this at all last week, just the two of us, just for the sake of it. We had so much going on so it is lovely to be back to our slightly calmer routine, however much fun last week was. A bit of Mommy/baby time.

The lake was full of ducks and geese and we saw lots of birds too. All of the usual blackbirds, starlings, jackdaws, seagulls as well as several jays and herons and even a kingfisher. Unfortunately all of these were spotted as they flew away from us – it is rather difficult to approach anything stealthily when crashing through the undergrowth with a buggy!

Good photo, no?! This place is a heron haven. They are amazing birds, so large compared to the other birds that are usually seen around Britain. It makes me laugh when you see them perching precariously in the trees. They look like they’re about to fall out.

Two hours of gentle strolling in the fresh air. Wonderful.



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  1. I love this hexi blanket…..another one for my list!

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