Dinner Disaster

Edited to add photo – things seem to disappear when I blog on my phone. Must get a computer again!


Hello! It’s been a little while since I’ve shown you an update of my lovely lake. This was at ten o’clock this morning. 30 minutes earlier and the view was obscured by mist but this was just lifting to reveal a beautiful day. Most of the trees are still green but the colour is different to that of high Summer – there is a yellowish tinge that give a clue as to what is to come next.


I’ve had a busy week and got such a shock to find Sunday upon us already. Little Man has been going through a period of change recently. He can now roll both ways with ease, sit unassisted for a few minutes and has two front teeth. Yes, my little baby now has two white toothy pegs peeping out of his gums.

He has also grown suddenly and this, accompanied by a noticeable change in temperature, has necessitated the purchase of a new wardrobe. After months of vests and nappies, (okay, most days it was just a nappy!), trousers, socks and long sleeved tops are now called for. Maintaining a comfortable temperature, especially overnight, has become somewhat of a fine art.


Tonight, as is our Sunday custom, we were due to dine with my family and this week it was my turn to host. Not a problem. I may not be a gourmet chef but I can rustle up Sunday dinner without too much fuss. Or so I thought…

Anticipating that I would be out all day (more about that next time) I had planned ahead and prepared and cooked half a lamb shoulder in my slow cooker yesterday. There were many recipes online for Greek style lamb online and the basic idea was place browned lamb and veges in crock pot, cover with hot stock and cook on low for 7-8 hours so that is what I did.

Today, having removed it from the fridge earlier, I placed it in a moderate/high oven for 50 minutes. This was then turned up high for the final 10 minutes to cook some rustic bread whilst the lamb rested.

Okay, time to serve and what do I find? Raw lamb with uncooked potatoes. 9 hours of cooking and we have a feast of carrots, cabbage and a small flatbread each. Marvellous.

I have no idea what went wrong but I have six hungry adults and a baby to feed and bread and veg was not going to cut it. Cue a quick call to the local Chinese takeaway for some Hoi Sin Duck and ribs to accompany our sides.

What can I say? You’ve got to laugh.



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4 responses to “Dinner Disaster

  1. Oh heck, the same would happen to me, turn out perfectly good dinners day after day and the only time a real disaster happens is when it is critical! I do have a tendency to try something new for others, I don’t do that anymore!

    • quilt32

      I personally would have been happy with the vegetables and the flat bread (have to try that recipe). Can’t imagine why the lamb wasn’t done in that much time. Well, I’m sure it will make up another good meal sometime.

      So much fun to hear about Little Man growing up – two teeth, oh my!

      • Abigail @ Rosy Hill

        I have no idea what happened! I will have to check that my slow cooker is still working. As you say, at least I have 3 dinners sorted now!
        Thank you, it is exciting to see him growing up and changing day by day.
        Abigail x

    • Abigail @ Rosy Hill

      Yes, really should try out new recipes when there is less pressure regarding the results. 🙂

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